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If each character had a pet what would it be?
Suggested by 'Alexandria Jones'
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Frank would have this pet.....
A Boa Constrictor47%
A Pet Rocky(y)28%
A Goldfish with half a brain10%
A Puppy (soft, strong and Very long)5%

Brad would have this pet.....
A dumb Ass24%
Nothing as everything before had left him24%
A Labrador (he likes blondes)24%
An Ant farm, as he would rule them14%

Janet would have this pet.....
A Spare Rabbit40%
A Chihuahua (just because I like them)20%
A Rabbit15%
A pet Mouse to remind her of Brad15%
Goldfish with Gold Pants10%

The Narrator would have this pet.....
A White Cat Mr Bond38%
A Bloodhound19%
A Parrot19%
A bookworm14%
A Myna Bird10%

Riff Raff would have this pet.....
A Bald cat47%
A sneaky Rat24%
A Camel with two humps14%
A Humpback whale and a BIG fish tank5%

Magenta would have this pet.....
A Tarantula that took to the hills65%
A Dog called 'Stay'10%
Kittens called Ralf and Maggie10%
A Parrot, well the tail of one anyway10%
A Pit Pony (hard working)5%

Columbia would have this pet.....
A Neon tropical fish38%
A mouse called Micky28%
A Moth, always drawn towards the light10%
Glow Worm10%

Rocky would have this pet.....
A Goldfish as he beats it's IQ by one42%
A Tourtoise to use as a weight10%
A Snail, at least it has a home5%

Dr.Scott would have this pet.....
Ein German Shepherd Dog61%
A Lap Dog19%
A (dead) Tamagotchi10%
A Homing Pidgeon5%

Eddie would have this pet.....
A Bat, slightly scorched38%
Sea Monkeys24%
A Snake19%
A Wolf14%
A Stallion (lot's of horsepower)5%

The Usherette would have this pet.....
A Terrific Turtle (from Haribo)19%
A Jelly Snake19%
White Mice19%
A Cat (as it can see in the dark)14%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would have this pet.....
Black Panthers29%
Hamsters on wheels, getting nowhere 24%
Mice, lot's of them running around the theatre19%

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