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Page updated Monday 1st April, 2013
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Which of these dance crazes would you like to see in the Rocky Horror Show?
Suggested by The Powers That Be
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Slightly different poll this month. After the addition of Gangnam Style to the Time Warp at the show, many people commented about having something topical, prompting this poll.

The powers that be wanted to know which of these dance crazes from the past forty years you would like to be added to the show in this 40th anniversary year. This poll rans for just a single month and we've released the results of the poll the moment it finished (so there was time to sort the choreography).

Results And the winner is...........
None of the above44%
The Harlem Shake44%
The Birdy Song dance2%
Vogue (Madonna)2%
Gangnam Style (again)2%

Well we had a tie!

So as per the usual rules we asked them to flip a coin and let you know what the answer was a little later on in the day when they got back to us. You can now scroll down the page to see the final result.

Happy 1st April, 2013!

Yep, the long con strikes again. Thanks to fan club rep Kev for the idea. "The Powers That Be" is of course a meaningless expression. There are at this time no plans to include any other popular dances in the show, you can all relax. Thanks for all those that voted, you are all great sports. By the way, RHCo were aware of the gag before it started, so thanks to them too for playing along and not giving the game away.

Of course you all knew it was a gag, didn't you?

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