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Where would each character live in the real world?
(and maybe a reason why!)

Suggested by Kate
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Frank would live.....
Transylvania, it's a no-brainer, oh wait that's Eddie43%
Balmoral, well why not.16%
Paris - overlooking the Eiffel Tower16%
Las Vegas (where he'd have his own show)16%
LA - Everyone loves LA9%

Brad would live.....
At home with his parents, oh wait......22%
Bell End, England (because he'd fit right in)22%
The White House cos he's whiter then white22%
Anywhere with Janet (and her mom)17%

Janet would live.....
With Brad (and Frank, and Rocky)36%
Anywhere in Virginia23%
Somewhere in the suburbs16%
Somewhere that's green (oops wrong movie)9%

The Narrator would live.....
The British National Library46%
Hay-on -Wye cos it's the town of books23%
London, the one in England15%
On Television8%
Mi6 (Shhh!)8%

Riff Raff would live.....
Wales cos it's got lots of humps and hills31%
Anywhere with a double bed23%
Balmoral (huntng lodge....)23%
Buckingham Palace (he could buttle for the queen)15%
Oakley Court (as the boss)8%

Magenta would live.....
The Red Sea31%
Her brother's bed31%
The moon-drenched shores of her beloved planet15%
The London Dungeons15%
Somewhere secluded with a view8%

Columbia would live.....
In a roller disco28%
Tinseltown (Hollywood)28%
With a magpie - they like shiny things11%
In a motorbike sidecar11%

Rocky would live.....
My bedroom (this was a common suggestion!)31%
Muscle Beach23%
He doesn't live anywhere. He never leaves the gym.23%
In a fish tank15%
In a clothes shop (he must get cold)8%

Dr.Scott would live.....
Junior chamber of commerce31%
In a Think-Tank - a glass one23%
In a museum23%
Der Vaterland15%
House number Ein8%

Eddie would live.....
Hell - The nice part anyway29%
His parent's basement snapped off in the freezer16%
The Lost and Found - but only at midnight16%
The Hard Rock Cafe16%

The Usherette would live.....
Backstage of the theatre38%
The Roxy Cinema31%
In a chocolate factory8%
Anywhere with Walls8%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would live.....
A dark attic somewhere43%
Somewhere with fold up seats 16%
The Black Sea16%
Balmoral (I thought they already did!)16%
In a chest of drawers - one each9%

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