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What would each rocky horror character make for a science fair?
Suggested by Alex Jones
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Frank would make.....
A man! Rocky.52%
A sex change machine27%
Telescopic high-heels7%
A person magnet, oh wait he is one7%
Some kind of anti-anti matter laser7%

Brad would make.....
Anything that would impress Dr Scott29%
Something square23%
A self repairing car tyre18%
A chastity belt for Janet18%
A chastity belt for himself12%

Janet would make.....
An Orgasmatron35%
Anything better than Betty Monroe could make29%
Apple Pie18%
Something that made her forget12%
A tracking device for Rocky6%

The Narrator would make.....
The 'anti-heckle' shotgun29%
A Picnic23%
A telescopic neck23%
One helluva story18%
An automatic page turning gizmo7%

Riff Raff would make.....
A laser capable of emitting, oh wait....35%
Whatever he made, Frank would take the credit29%
Something to make Magenta smile18%
Helmets to go with the space suits12%
A framed portrait of himself as commander6%

Magenta would make.....
A 'Time to return to Transylvania' calendar39%
A model of a volcano, all red and erupting18%
A very large cooker (about 6ft)18%
A self polishing bannister rail18%
A Transylvanian/English phrase book, just change W to V7%

Columbia would make.....
A glitter bomb41%
A guy that stays with her for more than a week23%
Self tapping shoes so everyone can dance18%
Something to keep a 'Big Nothing' in12%
Pyjama's without holes6%

Rocky would make.....
What's science?31%
The teach yourself life in seven hours guide31%
Not so Dumb Bells19%
Laser proof spray tan13%
Lip Gloss6%

Dr.Scott would make.....
Something wheely good35%
An exo skeleton, so he can dance too23%
Something made of a metal that is not of this world18%
Business cards that say 'we meet at last'12%
Ein Stein Larger12%

Eddie would make.....
A ring for Columbia made from chewing gum wrappers34%
The ePad, like an iPad but only gets Rock N Roll, Porn and pictures of Motorbikes snapped off in the freezer18%
He'd get his uncle to make him something18%
A motorbike, he likes bikes18%
Chainsaw / Ice pick proof leathers12%

The Usherette would make.....
The diguise yourself as Magenta kit45%
The self refiling ice cream tray23%
The self sweeping stage18%
The self charging battery (for her torch!)7%
The self cleaning cinema seat7%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would make.....
Their own space ship to get home29%
Something using Dark Matter29%
The BOGTF offer (Buy one get three free) 18%
Invisibility cloaks 12%
A black hole12%

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