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What subject would each character study at university?
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Frank would study.....
The person next to him35%
Audio Vibratory Physio Molecular science18%
Fashion (underwear mostly)10%
History (of body building)10%

Brad would study.....
Anything that would impress Dr Scott35%
Weird science18%
He'd get a sports scholarship10%
Not Science, it's already to difficult10%

Janet would study.....
Domestic Science35%
She'd not bother going27%
Biology - so she can find out what's what18%
Veterinary medicine (heavy pets)10%
Pie thagoras theorum10%

The Narrator would study.....
History (of everything, ever)44%
Literary Criticism - or just Criticism18%
Astronomy (on the look out for aliens)18%
Ballroom Dancing10%

Riff Raff would study.....
Laser design and manufacture35%
Butling through the ages27%
Inter-family relationships18%
The teachers with a view to taking over10%

Magenta would study.....
Her Brother, often24%
red dust theory19%
French Polishing19%
Cooking - Industrial, well Eddie, scale19%
Home economics19%

Columbia would study.....
She'd drop out after the first week.35%
A history of Tap Dance27%
Pyjama design10%
Nothing, a big nothing.10%

Rocky would study.....
English, or any language at all27%
He'd have trouble passing the entry exam27%
Tanning technology18%
Sports Science18%

Dr.Scott would study.....
Extra Terestrial Life24%
Science of course19%
Wheelchair dynamics and design19%
A lot of things19%
German history (abridged)19%

Eddie would study.....
Motorcycle design35%
Music - 1951 to 195927%
The effect of chainsaws on leather jackets18%
Logistics (small scale)10%

The Usherette would study.....
She be too busy day-dreaming to study27%
Quantum physics27%
Research into self cleaning cinema seats18%
The science of Ice cream manufacture18%
Cinema - 1896 to present10%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would study.....
Doesn't Matter27%
Dark matter27%
Conformity, is it all it's cracked up to be?18%
Social Interaction within peer groups18%
Everyone else 10%

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