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What would each character do if they were invisible?
Suggested by Matt Drury
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Frank would do this.....
Same as usual32%
Avoid being shot by Riff22%
Kiss the narrator22%
Pretend to be a Incubus of Love12%
Hide in random beds12%

Brad would do this.....
feel less un-noticed22%
See a girl naked22%
Watch Janet and Frank in bed22%
Sneak into school to read more books22%
Steal something for once in his life12%

Janet would do this.....
do something to everyone else's apple pies32%
Stay in the Frankenstein castle32%
Be unseen with Brad in public12%
sneak into Betty Monroe's honeymoon suite12%
Eat Meatloaf12%

The Narrator would do this.....
Make the globe spin as if it is alive32%
Turn the pages when people were reading22%
Punch one of the audience for heckling22%
Be in the shot while doing a voice-over12%
Watch the show12%

Riff Raff would do this.....
Spy on Everyone to see if they like him32%
He already feels invisible!22%
Spy on Frank22%
Keep an eye on Magenta and Columbia12%
Make Magenta think she was having one of those dreams again12%

Magenta would do this.....
Walk around naked doing the dusting56%
Make Riff think he was having one of those dreams again11%
Watch Columbia and Eddie cuddle11%
Put itching powder in Rocky's shorts11%
Wait in her brothers bed11%

Columbia would do this.....
Cover herself in sparkles32%
She'd hate being invisible22%
Sprinkle glitter everywhere22%
Pretned to be a ghostly tap dancer12%
Not worry about mending her pyjamas12%

Rocky would do this.....
Still try and get a tan32%
Tease the dogs and get his own back22%
Talk - no-one would know who it was22%
Read the script12%
Visit a gym without paying12%

Dr.Scott would do this.....
Steal all Frank's plans and pass them off as his own42%
Try and keep quiet and hope no-one asks about the empty wheel-chair22%
Get away with saluting in a certain way12%
Scare people by moving around in the wheel chair12%

Eddie would do this.....
Give Columbia a nice surprise32%
Wear some high heels22%
Pretend he was the Ghost Rider22%
Try and get the other half of his brain back12%
Avoid being killed12%

The Usherette would do this.....
Slap that noisy bloke in the third row32%
blow people's popcorn our of their hands22%
Pretend to be a haunted torch22%
Cough in the stalls12%
It's dark, no-one would notice12%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would do this.....
Scare the audience even more than usual32%
Make Frank seem to fly22%
Make the scenery change like magic22%
something rude in the middle of a show12%
Get more noticed 12%

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