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If each charatcer formed a band, what would their first song be called?
Suggested by MoustacheSam
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Frank would call the song.....
I wanna sleep with you and you and you40%
Muscle Man15%
I wanna hold your hand/$*&!15%
Everything I do, I do to you15%
To Kill A Leather-Wearing, Singing, Motorbike Rider15%

Brad would call the song.....
The Ballad of Brad and Janet29%
Major Brad29%
A+ Student14%
My Baby14%

Janet would call the song.....
Nice as pie41%
Touch Me, no really, do!21%
Nice girlz15%
2 many men, not enough time15%
Taste Blood8%

The Narrator would call the song.....
Strange Journeys36%
Only Words Can Say29%
Turning the Page21%
Read this7%

Riff Raff would call the song.....
Sweet Home Transylvania36%
Servant Says29%
Sibling Love14%
Hump baby hump14%
Kill a Queen7%

Magenta would call the song.....
The Riff Raff Riff (feat. Riff Raff)29%
Colour my world red29%
I wanna cook you up14%
O Brother14%

Columbia would call the song.....
I'll sparkle and glitter over you27%
You Never Loved Me20%
She would sing a cover of any Disney song (Frozen songs are really popular now!)20%
A Scientist Killed My Baby13%

Rocky would call the song.....
I Kan Sing, But I Kant Spel33%
Beauty And Lust20%
Feel my muscles20%
Urgh Urgh Urgh20%

Dr.Scott would call the song.....
Mein Mein Mein29%
Bad Crowd (In With)29%
Wheel feel baby21%
Metal Man14%
Not Yet Insane7%

Eddie would call the song.....
Crusing for Love28%
Ride On28%
Leave your baby pink lipstick on my pillow28%
Baby It's Cold In Here8%
My Second Ever Song8%

The Usherette would call the song.....
At the End, It's Curtains29%
Ice, Ice, Jelly Baby29%
Aisle Always Love You (feat. Usher)14%
Shine your torch with me14%
Unknown And Confused14%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would call the song.....
The Time Warp Again And Again And Again And Again And Again...40%
The Black Street Gang 20%
Call us 1D again and we'll kill you20%
We're Invisible13%
Ooooooooooooooooooh, Baby7%

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