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If each CHARACTER were to act in a movie, who would they play?
Suggested by Jack Revolver
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Frank would play this role.....
Cruella De Vil42%
Sweeney Todd25%
Charles Atlas's wife17%
Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)8%

Brad would play this role.....
Clarke Kent (but not Superman)42%
A young President Nixon25%
Truman in The Truman Show17%
A victim in the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' film8%
Joe DiMaggio8%

Janet would play this role.....
Any of the girls in American Pie31%
Joan of Arc10%
The only other woman in the Star Wars films10%
The Virgin Connie Swale in Dragnet10%

The Narrator would play this role.....
A Librarian33%
A Bond Villian25%
The Head of MI617%
A High Court Judge8%

Riff Raff would play this role.....
A very evil Bond Villian32%
Indiana Jones's uncle in the Aztec zone17%
A Butler of course17%
A cowboy named 'Slim'17%

Magenta would play this role.....
An undercover reporter posing as a maid25%
Elsa in Frozen25%
Scarlett O'Hara25%
Someone from Sister Act17%
Christabel Pankhurst8%

Columbia would play this role.....
A voice over for a magical kitten40%
A kid from Fame17%
Shirley Temple17%
Anna in Frozen17%
A gansters moll9%

Rocky would play this role.....
Charles Atlas of course33%
A more articulate version of David Beckham25%
Henchman number 4 in any action film17%
Sylvester Stallone as a baby17%
Richard the LionHeart (you never know where Frank got all the parts from)8%

Dr.Scott would play this role.....
A certain German leader of the 1930's and 40's33%
Ironside in the big screen remake25%
Someone in with a bad crowd17%
Wall E's dad17%
Number Five from Short Circuit8%

Eddie would play this role.....
Fat Elvis33%
Danny Zuko25%
Kung Fu Panda in the live action version17%
Thor, or should that be Thaw?17%
A tour bus driver for a singer and four other girls8%

The Usherette would play this role.....
A Narrator in the 'History of Cinema'48%
Elsa cos she is used to Frozen things25%
The life story of Usher (she could be an extra)9%
Alfred Hitchcock (lots of makeup needed)9%
Someone Sweet!9%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would play this role.....
Captains Jack's new crew for Pirates of the Carribean 37 32%
Most of the Walking Dead17%
Ghosts in GhostBusters 317%
Just some more extras ;-(17%
Ghostfaces in Scream17%

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