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If the characters could invent a new sport or a new game, what would it be?
Suggested by \'Lucky\'
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Frank would invent this sport.....
Hide the Sausage32%
Jock Strapping22%
Drag racing (with dresses)22%
Lip Glossing12%
Servant Whipping12%

Brad would invent this sport.....
Spec Cleaning42%
Y Front racing22%
Shoulder punching12%
Janet chasing12%
Straight talking12%

Janet would invent this sport.....
Rocky Racing, to see who comes first42%
Jock Watching22%
She doesn't like sports12%
Apple Pie Rolling12%
Virgin Vaulting12%

The Narrator would invent this sport.....
Professional Spectating32%
Globe Spinning22%
Hamster Squeezing22%
Book Marking12%

Riff Raff would invent this sport.....
CandyMan Crushing32%
Candle Tossing22%
Laser Shooting with live targets22%
Hump back jumping12%
Piggyback riding with a sister12%

Magenta would invent this sport.....
Olympic Dusting32%
Elbow flexing22%
Meatloaf Throwing22%
Eyeball Rolling12%
Badger Balancing12%

Columbia would invent this sport.....
College Kid Undressing32%
Competetive Sequin Sewing22%
She'd make tap dancing a sport22%
Grouping (as in Groupie)12%
Top Hat Balancing12%

Rocky would invent this sport.....
Weight Lifting with the wrappers on32%
Pommel Horse Riding22%
Huh? Ball22%
Dog Avoiding12%

Dr.Scott would invent this sport.....
Stair Racing (with string)22%
Professional Pronounciation22%
Stunt Wheelchair Racing22%
Nein Pin Bowling22%
Nerd Herding12%

Eddie would invent this sport.....
Indoor Motorcycle Racing32%
Delivery Boy Racing22%
Freezer Endurance22%
Playing Dead the longest12%
Lying under a tablecloth12%

The Usherette would invent this sport.....
Professional Popcorn Popping32%
Ice (cream) skating22%
Sweet Shopping22%
M and M rolling12%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would invent this sport.....
They just go to support Frank 32%
Very Crazy Golf22%
Hide and Shreik22%
Basketcase Ball12%
Something they could all play12%

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