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Who would each character want to go out on a date with (living or dead)?
Suggested by Meliera Drate
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Frank would date.....
Lily St.Cyr22%
Fay Wray22%
Lady GaGa22%
Arnie or Sylvester6%

Brad would date.....
Frank (but don't tell anyone)32%
Audrey (from Little Shop of Horrors)22%
Janet of course22%
Janet's mum12%
Jennifer Lawrence12%

Janet would date.....
Brad of course17%
An Octopus (Touch Me x 8)17%
Rocky, every weekend11%
Russel Brand6%

The Narrator would date.....
Frank (but keep it secret)28%
Someone he could talk to22%
Ladies who wear glasses22%
The whole audience17%
the Local Librarian11%

Riff Raff would date.....
Any creature of the night38%
Magenta, only Magenta28%
Freddie Murcury17%
The Candyman11%
Janet's gran6%

Magenta would date.....
What's a date?33%
Riff Raff of course22%
Any close relative11%
Eddie, after he was dead6%

Columbia would date.....
Eddie of course39%
Fred Astaire22%
Walt Disney (well his head anyway)11%
Mickey Mouse11%

Rocky would date.....
Janet, Frank, anyone28%
He doesn't live long enough22%
Jim (Gym, geddit)11%
Brigitte Nielsen11%

Dr.Scott would date.....
Angela Merkel38%
One of the Von Trapp sisters28%
Eddies's mom17%
Frau Blücher11%
A nice blonde girl6%

Eddie would date.....
Anything with a pulse39%
Bonnie Tyler22%
Priscilla Presley22%
Frank (but don't tell)11%
Lorraine Crosby (But I won't do that)6%

The Usherette would date.....
Ben OR Jerry32%
Anyone, it's dark22%
Someone sweet22%
Someone she holds a torch for12%
Baskin Robbin12%

The Phantoms/Transylvanians would date.....
Each other, in rotation 33%
Frank, one at a time or......22%
A cheerleader squad22%
No-one, they never get to do anything17%
The calendar girls6%

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