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Who would Rocky characters choose to be on Star In Their Eyes?
Suggested by Alison
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Tonight Matthew Frank will be.....

Shirley Bassey35%
Freddie Mercury30%
Boy George17.5%
Robbie Williams7.5%
Celine Dion5%
Lou Reed2.5%
Micheal Jackson2.5%

Tonight Matthew Brad will be.....

Buddy Holly41%
Elvis Costello15%
Steven Gateley10%
Ricky Martin10%
Michael Ball8%
Gary Barlow4%
Phil Spector3%
Burt Bacharat3%
Ronan Keating3%
Robert Palmer3%

Tonight Matthew Janet will be.....

Olivia Newton John37.5%
Britney Spears22.5%
Kylie Minogue10%
Baby spice5%
Kate Bush5%
Karen Carpenter2.5%

Tonight Matthew The Narrator will be.....

Frank Sinatra15%
Cliff Richard12.5%
Englebert Humperdink12.5%
Luciano Pavarotti10%
Mick Jagger10%
Tony Bennet7.5%
Bob Marly7.5%
Des O'Conner7.5%
Kojak (Savalas)5%

Tonight Matthew Riff Raff will be.....

Iggy Pop30.5%
That bloke from Right Said Fred25%
Brian Adams5.5%
Jarvis Cocker5.5%
Freddie Mercury5.5%
Divine Comedy3%
Prince (the artist formerly known as...)3%

Tonight Matthew Magenta will be.....

Siouxsie Sioux22.5%
Alanis Morrisette15%
Kate Bush7.5%
Britney Spears5%
Maria Cary5%
Bonnie Langford5%
Siobahn Fahey2.5%
Chrisie Hynde2.5%

Tonight Matthew Columbia will be.....

Cyndi Laupa40%
Bille Piper10%
Bonnie Langford7.5%
Christina Aguilera7.5%
Rene from Aqua5%
Kate Bush5%
Liza Minelli5%
Brittany Spears2.5%

Tonight Matthew Rocky will be.....

Adam Rickett38%
Jason Donovan32%
David Bowie12%
Ricky Martin9%
Rod Stewart6%
George Michael3%

Tonight Matthew Dr.Scott will be.....

Germanys entery into the eurovision49%
David Hasselhoff (its a German thing)38%

Tonight Matthew Eddie will be.....

Robbie Williams15%

Tonight Matthew The Usherette will be.....

Debbie Harry21%
Courtney Love20%
Cyndi Lauper16%
Cilla Black13%
Belinda Carlisle8%
Celine Dione5%
Michael Jackson5%
Patsy Cline2%

Tonight Matthew The Phantoms will be.....

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody30%
S Club 718%
Spice Girls18%
Doctor and the Medics10%

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