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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 19 - January 2001
Rocky Horror Toys - what did the characters play with as kids?
Suggested by Jen
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Frank played with......

Ken - with Barbie's clothes48%
Dress up from his mums wardrobe14%
Operation (the game that buzzed!)11%
The Get Set!9%
Action man7%
My first chemistry set7%

Brad played with......

Secretley with dolls28%
Superman costume21%
A sandbox---but the cat kept burying him16%
Thunderbirds toys12%
Action Man5%

Janet played with......

Magic Mini-oven, making Apple Pies49%
'Bride's maid' Barbie37%
A novelty hairbrush9%
Barbie with Ken in gold molded undies5%

The Narrator played with......

Heavy balck and pendulouse marbles32%
Geography set & Globe28%
Amazing Neck removing Kit18%
A Heavy, Black and Pendulous Newton's Cradle9%
magic tricks6%

Riff Raff played with......

Flash Gordon laser gun26%

Magenta played with......

Riff Raff49%
Hairdryers Curlers, hairspray, gel....22%
Electric Sockets18%
Dress up - maid's outfit7%
Laughing gas2%

Columbia played with......

Anything sparkly35%
'Disco' Sindy11%
Minnie Mouse doll11%
Karaoke Machine5%
Tap shoes5%
Teddie bear3%

Rocky played with......

He was never a kid - Frank made him72%
Tiny tots home gym12%
Action Man9%
A kazoo5%
Thunderbirds (cos he's wooden too?)2%

Dr.Scott played with......

German toy soldiers45%
Veels and zings29%
Chemistry set13%
Cars (hence the disability)7%

Eddie played with......

His Teddy, but he didn't like it.59%
Evel knievel model9%
Broken mirrors7%

The Usherette played with......

A mini popcprn maker32%
Whatever was in her tray30%
Mr. Microphone16%
A Torch14%
Lip Glosener8%

The Phantoms played with......

Whistles and noisemakers24%
Puppet Theatre17%
Haunted House board game14%
Skipping ropes12%

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