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The Dream Cast
Suggested by TWW
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The favourite person to play Frank

Tim Curry21%
Eddie Izzard21%
Anthony Head14.5%
Freddie Mercury10.5%
Shane Richie8.7%
Ewan McGregor7%
Marc Bolan5.2%
Marilyn Manson3.5%
Jonathon Morris1.7%
Bill Clinton1.7%
Guy Pearce1.7%

The favourite person to play Brad

Mike Myers/Austin Powers35.6%
Michael J Fox16.9%
Dean Caine13.5%
Christopher Malcolm6.8%
Luke Goss6.8%
Andrew Kennedy6.8%
Elvis Costello3.4%
Guybrush Threepgood
(from Monkey Island)
Julian Clary1.7%
Cliff Richard1.7%
Marc Bolan1.7%
William Hague1.7%

The favourite person to play Janet

Denise Van Outen15.5%
Sarah Michelle Geller13.8%
Ruthie Henshall10.3%
Michelle Pfeiffer10.3%
Amanda Jane Manning8.6%
Claire from Steps8.6%
Marilyn Monroe6.9%
Winona Ryder6.9%
Sophie Rhys-Jones6.9%
Joanne Farell6.9%
(a young) Doris Day3.4%
Ffion Hague1.9%

The favourite person to play The Narrator

Nicholas Parsons28%
Michael Cashman20.7%
Lilly Savage17%
Roger Moore10.3%
Kenneth Williams6.9%
Patrick Stewart6.9%
Marilyn Manson5.1%
Hugh Grant1.7%
John Prescott1.7%
Alec Guinness1.7%

The favourite person to play Riff Raff

Richard E Grant (from 'Withnail and I')22.4%
David Bowie13.8%
Kraig Thornber12%
Neil Morrisey12%
Georgie Hayes10.3%
Aiden Bell6.9%
Charles Manson5.2%
Dani Filth5.2%
Ozzy Osbourne5.2%
Tony Bennett3.5%
Robin Cook3.5%

The favourite person to play Magenta

Laurie Brett36.4%
Kate O'Sullivan12%
Ella Fitzgerald5.2%
Shirley Manson5.2%
Twiggy Ramirez5.2%

The favourite person to play Columbia

Little Nell32.7%
Bonnie Langford16.4%
Saffron Shearer-Gale10.9%
Posh Spice9%
Brian Molko7.3%
Rebecca Vere7.3%
Issy Van Randwyck7.3%
Ginger Rogers3.6%
Sarah Michelle Gellar3.6%
The girl who played the
Worst Witch in the film

The favourite person to play Rocky

Ross O'Hennessy34.7%
Adam Rickitt20.7%
Shane Courtese8.6%
Craig Giovannelli8.6%
Arnold Schwartznegger6.9%
Rownan Keating5.1%
Sean Connery5.1%
Johnny Bravo3.5%
Michael Keaton1.7%

The favourite person to play Eddie/Dr Scott

Alvin Stardust22.4%
David Bowie22.4%
Noddy Holder18.9%
Des Lynam17.2%
Patrick Moore10.3%
The German prime minister3.4%
Eric Garcia (Euro tour)3.4%

The favourite person to play The Phantoms

Nathan Taylor8%
Bekki Carpenter7.5%
Amanda-Jane Manning6%
Winona Ryder5.5%
Antonio Banderas5%
Michael Keaton5%
Laurie Brett4.5%
Craig Giovannelli4%
Angelica Huston4%
The 8 Incarnations of Doctor Who3.5%
Raul Julia3%
Michael Dalton3%
Tony Banks2.5%
Zim Zum2.5%
Peter Mandelson2%
David Robbins2%
Shane Cortese2%
Julia Lloyd1.5%
Ginger Fish1.5%
Salma Hayek1.5%
Kat Irwin1%
Rosie Kingston1%
Wayne Gacy1%
Jack Straw1%

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