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What might the characters from Rocky Horror watch on TV?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would watch........

Queer as Folk48%
Changing Rooms22%

Brad would watch........

BBC Learning Zone28%
The Weakest Link20%
Spin City11%
Celebrity Squares7%

Janet would watch........

Sex in the City30%
Ready Steady Cook25%
The Waltons12%

The Narrator would watch........

The Discovery Channel40%
The X-Files18%
Tonight with Trevor McDonald12%
The Test Card9%
Sale of the Century9%
Inspector Morse6%

Riff Raff would watch........

The Adams Family56%
Friends (They didn't like me..)16%
Home Improvement11%
Quantum Leap11%

Magenta would watch........

The Fantasy Channel28%
Buffy The Vampire Slayer23%
Monty Python's Flying Circus23%
The Addams Family14%
Flash Gordon12%

Columbia would watch........

Mickey Mouse38%
Sunset Beach15%
Stars in Their Eyes12%
Night Fever8%

Rocky would watch........

Sesame Street45%
The World's Strongest Man22%
Rocky & Bullwinkle13%
I Love Lucy8%

Dr.Scott would watch........

Any old war film34%
Star Trek20%
3rd Rock from the Sun18%
This Morning with Richard and Judy15%
WWF Smackdown13%

Eddie would watch........

Men & Motors33%
Junkyard Wars25%
Top Gear18%
Who's Line is it anyway?9%

The Usherette would watch........

Nothing, she watches everything in the cinema45%
B movies30%
Ben Elton's 'popcorn'5
Film 20014
Delia Smith's How to Cook4

The Phantoms would watch........

Scooby Doo42%
Tales from the Crypt35%
Ghosts and Ghouls15%

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