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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 26 - August 2001
Name your favourite pop songs to
replace the original songs from RHPS
Suggested by Clare Louise Donnelly
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Frank would be singing....

Killer Queen31%
It's Raining Men27%
Gimme Gimme Gimme24%
Macho, Macho Man10%
Do you really want to hurt me?8%

Brad would be singing....

People Are Strange35%
Heaven Knows I'm miserable Now26%
Saturday Night11%
Nowhere Man6%

Janet would be singing....

Like a virgin46%
(I can't get no) Satisfaction16%
I'm Horny16%
I Should be so lucky11%
Hopelessly Devoted To You11%

The Narrator would be singing....

The Neverending Story31%
The Real Slim Shady29%
Anything by Elvis Costello20%
What's the Story20%

Riff Raff would be singing....

Sympathy for the Devil26%
Jealous Guy8%

Magenta would be singing....

Shaggy-It Wasn't Me28%
Like A Virgin20%
It's Raining Men11%

Columbia would be singing....

Girls just Wanna Have Fun66%
Wanna be-Spice girls-[ziga zig ah!]19%
Dancing Queen11%
Uh-oh We're in Trouble4%

Rocky would be singing....

I'm Too Sexy75%
Macho Man17%
Sex Bomb - Tom Jones8%

Dr.Scott would be singing....

Something by Kraftwerk42%
Karma Chameleon35%
Wonderful World23%

Eddie would be singing....

Bat out of Hell40%
I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag26%
Born To Be Wild26%
Rock 'n' Roll Rebel4%
Summer Of 694%

The Usherette would be singing....

Saturday Night at the Movies62%
There's No Business Like Show Business20%
Hit me Baby one more time18%

The Phantoms would be singing....

Rock Around The Clock45%
Anything by Steps!31%
We don't need no education18%
Band on the Run7%

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