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Given the choice how would the characters choose to die?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would want to go.....

at 11,946 years old, during sex, from a heart attack30%
Autoeroticasphixiation (don't ask...)30%
Die? Never! I'm immortal!15%
death by dildo14%
In bed with rocky11%

Brad would want to go.....

a non virgin27%
In bed with family around him18%
car accident (darn tyres?)15%
In His Sleep15%
Kicking and Screaming11%

Janet would want to go.....

with a man between her legs31%
On her back...26%
choke on a bone18%
Being wet15%
suffocated by lots of men10%

The Narrator would want to go.....

breaking neck falling
off desk doing the Timewarp
Too much brandy19%
a single silver bullet16%

Riff Raff would want to go.....

rich and powerful45%
In the clock with
his skeleton mistress
In a Wood Chipper11%

Magenta would want to go.....

drown in the moon-drenched seas of Transexual60%
s & m gone wrong16%
Eaten By Riff Raff12%
banister impalation12%

Columbia would want to go.....

In a bike crash with Eddie44%
At disney26%
nail polish fumes13%
gased by helium9%
falls off juke box8%

Rocky would want to go.....

An orgasmic rush of lust46%
on Janet19%
drops weights on himself13%
Electric Chair12%
with Frank10%

Dr.Scott would want to go.....

he'd get out of it somehow. creep42%
any way possible11%

Eddie would want to go.....

drugs and alcohol46%
In A Motorbiking Stunt30%
Sawn to bits with a chainsaw20%

The Usherette would want to go.....

At the end of the show31%
Getting hot over Jeanette Scott31%
choking on popcorn16%
Suffocated by popcorn13%

The Phantoms would want to go.....

but we are dead...52%
a roman orgy followed by gladiator style fun40%
Of Embaresment6%

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