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Who would you like to see playing the roles in the new tour?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would be played by....

Jason Donnovan31%
Anthony Head25%
Brendan Fraser13%
Craig Charles13%
Tony Head10%
Stuart Townsend8%

Brad would be played by....

Chris Barrie34%
Julian Clary19%
Jamie Tyler17%
Justin Timberlake12%
Nathan Taylor10%
Rob Bagnall8%

Janet would be played by....

Britney Spears41%
Amanda-Jane Manning39%
Louise Redknapp13%
Zalie Burrow7%

The Narrator would be played by....

Jonathon Ross28%
Nicholas Parsons22.5%
Hugh Grant22.5%
Richard O'Brien20%
Julian Clary7%

Riff Raff would be played by....

Richard O'Brien36%
Angus Deaton15%
John Cleese15%
Edward Furlong10%
Ed Tudorpole10%
Georgie Hayes8%
Ryan Stiles6%

Magenta would be played by....

Pat Quinn36%
Martine McCutheon20%
Laurie Brett15%
Amanda-Jane Manning13%
Jolie Richardson10%
Kate O'Sullivan6%

Columbia would be played by....

Gail Porter36%
Kate Moss15%
Alica Rodriguez13%
Sam Taylor Martin8%

Rocky would be played by....

Adam Ricket28%
H - ex of Steps25%
Ross O' Hennesy23%
Frank Bruno17%
Shane Cortese7%

Dr.Scott would be played by....

Eddie Izzard50%
Simon Callow20%
Alvin Stardust15%
Hugh Grant12%
Nicholas Parsons3%

Eddie would be played by....

Robbie Williams52%
Boy George24%
Hugh Jackman20%
Alvin Stardust4%

The Usherette would be played by....

Patricia Quinn65%
Amanda-Jane Manning35%

The Phantoms would be played by....

Hearsay or Steps30%
Posh Spice17%
Barbara Windsor13%

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