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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 38 - August 2002
What modern popular song would you
substitute for each RHPS song?
Suggested by Amethyst
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Frank would have this song....

Hit me baby one more time31%
gladrags and handbags31%
not a girl, not yet a woman24%
nobody does it better - carly simon14%

Brad would have this song....

like a virgin48%
people are strange -- the doors34%
Teenage Dirtbag14%
anyone of us (gareth gates)4%

Janet would have this song....

Like a virgin38%
Lay all your love on me - Abba24%
papa don't preach14%
I need a hero11%
just a girl -- no doubt10%
its in your eyes (kylie)3%

The Narrator would have this song....

anything by max bygraves
(i wanna tell you a story)
eminem "without me"25%
keeping it gangsta13%
wicked and lazy13%
is this it? -- the strokes8%

Riff Raff would have this song....

Creep, Janie's got a gun31%
I'm wicked and I'm lazy24%
homesick - the cure21%
Celebrity skin -- hole21%
All my life3%

Magenta would have this song....

Get the party started (pink)30%
Take me home -- sophie ellis bextor28%
We are family - sister sledge24%
Brackish -kittie14%
Red rooster4%

Columbia would have this song....

Hey mickey -- lolly52%
Murder on the dance floor17%
Culture club - Do u really want to hurt me14%
Time of your life7%
The stomp3%

Rocky would have this song....

Who let the dogs out?35%
Hero -- enrique21%
Little willy18%
Spining Around14%
Runaway - bon jovi12%

Dr.Scott would have this song....

German national anthem45%
Ich will -- rammstein31%
You'll never walk alone14%
Can't get you ou'ta my head10%

Eddie would have this song....

Saturday nights alright for fighting34%
Guns n roses 'welcome to the jungle'24%
Teenage dirtbag -- wheatus22%
Set me free10%
I need a hero10%

The Usherette would have this song....

I want candy (punk cover virsion)45%
Keep young and beautiful27%
Murder on the dance floor14%
Hanson 'mmmbop'10%

The Phantoms would have this song....

Do you wanna be in my gang62%
Anything by S Club14%
Light my fire14%
Pod 'youth of a nation'10%

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