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Where would the Rocky characters go for a good night out?
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Frank would go to.......

My house36%
The Batman S&M Club28%
The Rubber Ball15%
Way Out Club11%
Line Dancing10%

Brad would go to.......

Junior Chamber of Commerce35%
The Library27%
Bingo Nights25%
Car Maintenance classes7%
Paddington Station6%

Janet would go to.......

A Tupperware party48%
Anne Summers Party20%
A Lesbain Strip Club17%
Downtown Denton9%

The Narrator would go to.......

A Gay Bar33%
House of Commons23%
News at 10 Studio17%
Dancing lessons12%

Riff Raff would go to.......

Magenta's room50%
The Jerry Springer Show20%
Science Museum14%
Electrics for Beginners8%
A Dark Room to be alone8%

Magenta would go to.......

Riff Raff's room55%
The Jerry Springer Show16%
Midnight Mass13%
Paris Fashion Show11%
The Ideal Home Show5%

Columbia would go to.......

Disney World33%
Eddie's Bedroom28%
Le discoteque13%
Hot Shoe Show11%

Rocky would go to.......

An All-night gym46%
English lessons18%
His tank14%
Bodyworks exhibition14%
Royal Shakespeare co.6%
Miss World2%

Dr.Scott would go to.......

Imperial War Museum27%
A wheelchair disco21%
A Gay Bar with Crim19%
The Denton highschool4%
The Budweiser Brewery4%

Eddie would go to.......

An Ozzy Osbourne Concert52%
Elvis kareoke night25%
Isle of Man TT Races12%
Ace cafe8%

The Usherette would go to.......

The FRONT row for a change33%
The late night double feature..32%
Roller Skating22%
Mamma Mia13%

The Phantoms would go to.......

Illegal after hours bar in SoHo48%
The Graveyard16%
A haunted house15%
The Tower of London13%
Dance class8%

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