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How would the rocky characters celebrate their birthdays?
Suggested by Adelyne
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Frank would celebrate by.......

Huge Orgy (all invited!)48%
A floorshow28%
Going up a tower with Fay Ray12%
Shopping for makeup6%
Dressing up as Marylin Monroe6%

Brad would celebrate by.......

A round of musical chairs26%
Have his mummy round21%
Watching Happy Days21%
A nice party15%
Watch Gardners World10%
Mending Spare Tyres7%

Janet would celebrate by.......

Getting tocha-tocha-
Being chilled thrilled & fulfilled25%
Cross-stitch party18%
A sleepover13%
Sex (she is a slut)11%

The Narrator would celebrate by.......

Smoke a nice cuban cigar32%
He'll just jump to the left...22%
Telling the story one more time16%
A neck transplant12%
Buy a new globe10%
reading a good book8%

Riff Raff would celebrate by.......

Something sordid, just himself and Magenta52%
Do the TIMEWARP32%
Burning creatures with his candles9%
Taking over from Frank7%

Magenta would celebrate by.......

Anything as long as Riff was there30%
Doing the Time Warp again25%
Getting an extra big perm20%
Sleep with Columbia16%
Voodoo party6%
Sliding down banisters3%

Columbia would celebrate by.......

De-Frost Eddie35%
A trip to Disneyland30%
Going to McDonalds13%

Rocky would celebrate by.......

Whatever frank had allowed him to do30%
At the gym27%
Building a single muscle7%

Dr.Scott would celebrate by.......

Wheelies round Denton22%
In a nazi-germany museum22%
A science outing15%
UFO hunting15%
Update his stilletto collection14%
Get a new blanket12%

Eddie would celebrate by.......

The back seat with Columbia60%
Reading rock and roll porn27%
Hot Patootie-ing9%
Fix his bike4%

The Usherette would celebrate by.......

A night at the movies25%
More likely go to see a show24%
Kissing with those lips21%
Anything but selling ice-cream!15%
Getting more lipstick15%

The Phantoms would celebrate by.......

Dancing the night away31%
Jumping on a bouncy castle! woo!25%
Have An Orgy18%
Eat a spooky cake15%
Taking the Ghoul friend out11%

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