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If a cocktail was made for them what would it be called?
Suggested by Rhian
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Frank would be drinking.......

Sweet T (with little umbrella and cherry)30%
Orgasmic Explosion25%
Sex on the Slab22%
Vodka On the Rocky13%
Transexual Seduction10%

Brad would be drinking.......

Dammit Janet!36%
Adaptable screwdriver24%
Bicardi Bender24%
Lemon Libido10%
Spare Tyre3%

Janet would be drinking.......

Drink me, drink me, drink me!33%
Slut Slush30%
Sex... Anywere (like "sex on the beach")20%
Slippery Finger15%
Virgin Bloody Mary

The Narrator would be drinking.......

Great Scotch39%
Heavy, black,
and pendulous
Fusty Musty12%
Sex on the desk6%
Dust Jacket5%

Riff Raff would be drinking.......

Wild Magenta50%
Hunch Punch26%
Pink Passion7%
Despot Downer7%
Anti Martini7%

Magenta would be drinking.......

Slinky Minky36%
Domestic Bliss18%
See All10%
Lucky Lady4%

Columbia would be drinking.......

Pink Nipple42%
Cherry Squeak30%
Absolute Pleasure21%
Creamy Candy5%
Tapped Out!3%

Rocky would be drinking.......

Golden Bolls27%
Uncontrolled Libido24%
Muscle Man21%
Buff Stuff19%
Golden Short(s)5%
Split Atom!3%

Dr.Scott would be drinking.......

Zen Schnapps13%
Ich bin ien Berliner9%
Wheely Fantastic7%
V2 vodka bomb3%
Goose Step2%

Eddie would be drinking.......

Fruity Patootie60%
Her Baby Pink Lipstick10%
Greased Lightning10%
Dead Man10%
Ice Cooler5%
Legless Rocker5%

The Usherette would be drinking.......

Usher Slusher35%
Back Row Thrill35%
Candy Creme16%
Tarantula 11%
Silent Delivery!2%

The Phantoms would be drinking.......

Velvet Darkness48%
Toxic Fume12%
Nightmare Scare12%
Wham Bam11%
Spooky Scooby2%

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