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What type of job the characters would have if they had to work?
Suggested by Clarisa
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Frank would do this job.......

Ann Summer's Rep36%
Porn Star33%
Boots make up saleswoman12%

Brad would do this job.......

IT nerd28%
Catalogue model27%
Designer in a tyre factory4%
House Husband4%

Janet would do this job.......

Morning TV presenter40%
Slutty secretary30%
Interior Designer5%

The Narrator would do this job.......

History teacher28%
Illuminated Globes Salesman28%
News Reader16%
Talk Radio Host12%

Riff Raff would do this job.......

Advisor to President Bush25%
Lift Engineer23%
Bell Ringer10%
Brain Surgeon6%

Magenta would do this job.......

Kinky phone-sex operator52%
Astronaut - First Woman on Mars!15%
Presenter on How Clean is your Home7%

Columbia would do this job.......

Moulin Rouge dancer30%
Disney Shop - Smiley Person at Door20%
Tap Instructor20%
Helium ballons factory16%
Ice cream man/woman12%
Sound effect for lorry Reversing2%

Rocky would do this job.......

Teletubbies voice-over35%
Chippendales Waiter34%
Model for Speedo28%
Fitness Guru in an All FEMALE Gym3%

Dr.Scott would do this job.......

NASA scientist32%
WW2 Memorabelia Salesman30%
Parylympics racer18%
Travel Rug Salesman10%

Eddie would do this job.......

Rock Star34%
Refridgerator cleaner29%
Quick Fit Fitter13%
Ex-ex Delivery Boy13%
Coca Cola salesman10%

The Usherette would do this job.......

Aubrey in the remake of Little Shop of Horrors50%
CEO of Odeon Cinemas20%
Quality Control in Butterkist Factory19%
Managing Director of Walls Ice-Cream4%

The Phantoms would do this job.......

Drunk extras in Emmerdale's Pub37%
Seat Fillers at awards shows35%
Orgy Ushers20%
Dancers from stomp4%
Sunglass Peddlers at the Beach4%

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