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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 57 - March 2004
If the characters opened a shop,
what would it be called and what would it sell?
Suggested by Rhian
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Frank run this store.......

'Pleasures of the Flesh' sells sex aids52%
'Pearl Necklace' - Jewells for all tastes18%
Tranny toys - !!!18%
Rubber Clothing Co. - Rubber Gloves6%

Brad run this store.......

'Charming Underclothes' - boring men's underwear 48%
Seriously Twisted (underwear)19%
'Tyres R Us' sells do i really have to say?19%
Books for the brain - books books and more books10%
There's A Light -Light bulb factory4%

Janet run this store.......

'Sluts R Us' Pink A-line dresses cotton, pvc, leather33%
'Fruity Sensations' a bakery (apple pies)27%
Naughty Knitware - for kinky spinsters20%
'Pressing Engagements' - Wedding Planners15%
Dip in the Mud (Boutique)5%

The Narrator run this store.......

'Heavy'- selling black pendulous things50%
he'd own a university not a shop30%
Round the World and Back (Globes)12%
Leatherbound - err...leather book binders8%

Riff Raff run this store.......

'Handmen' - Male escort agency30%
'Revenge is Sweeter' laser guns30%
Acme Surgeons Inc - Yes...this wont hurt a bit...20%
Sex Emporium - Magenta15%
Farmers Luckness (farm equipment/laser beams)5%

Magenta run this store.......

Domestic Blast - Maid Service37%
'Transit Beam' - Travel Agency29%
'Killing the O-Zone' sells hairspray15%
Yay! (general store)10%
The Lucky Company- Feather Dusters9%

Columbia run this store.......

'Squeaky Tricks' Anything pink, glittery & happy36%
Holes and Rips - clothes for flashers22%
'Glitter' - sparkly hats shoes and shorts18%
Tappa Tappa (Shoe sales)15%
Tap-R-us -Tap Shoes9%

Rocky run this store.......

Ugh - a gym for guys that just wanna go UGH!!42%
'Balls!' its a fitness Gym21%
'Behold' - Tight men's swimwear20%
Dum Dum (dumb bells)12%
Head space - The rocks in his head7%

Dr.Scott run this store.......

'Decadence' - Luxury wheelchair accessories37%
Circumsized Teddies - unusual novelty gifts18%
'Ich Bien Ien Berliner' sells doughnuts15%
Felling Sneaky (Fishnets)15%
Reich Now - WW2 Memoribelia5%

Eddie run this store.......

'Tits and Tat' rock and roll porn shop45%
Eddies Teddies - Underwear Shop22%
Murderbikes - Second hand motorcycles18%
Just Eddie's (meatloaf)10%
Ouch! - tatoo parlour5%

The Usherette run this store.......

Science Fiction - old sci-fi movie store48%
'Candy Cane' - Ice cream parlour30%
Sassy (peanuts)15%
Nice Seat - Cushion covers7%

The Phantoms run this store.......

'Rocky Road' sells RH related items39%
Time Warp- Dance clothing27%
B-e-a-u-tiful (cosmetics)24%
'Help' - Labour Exchange10%

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