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Characters from other musicals that
Rocky characters might go out with?
Suggested by Julia
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Frank would go out with.......

Boy George - Taboo32%
Hedwig from Hedwig and the angry inch29%
Miss Hannigan (Annie)19%
Truly Scrumpsious8%

Brad would go out with.......

Audrey-Little Shop of Horrors55%
Sandy (Grease)25%
Maria (sound of music)15%
Maria Trapp5%

Janet would go out with.......

Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors30%
Danny Zuko from Grease28%
Anyone from Cats (yes, she is that desperate)27%
Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)15%

The Narrator would go out with.......

Principal McGess from Grease54%
Mary poppins 26%
Eva Peron from Evita10%
Lisa Doolitle from My Fair Lady10%

Riff Raff would go out with.......

Miranda from Return to the Forbidden Planet25%
Munchkin-The Wizard of Oz25%
Frenchy from Grease20%
Hunchback of Nottre Damn20%
Audrey from Little Shop Of Horrors10%

Magenta would go out with.......

Phantom of the Opera50%
Dr Cosmo McKinley!!25%
The King of Siam - The King and I15%
Elwood Blues10%

Columbia would go out with.......

Mickey Mouse35%
Joseph (coat will match her shoes)26%
Leroy from Fame20%
Bert (Mary Poppins)15%
Johnny (Frankie & Johnny)4%

Rocky would go out with.......

Roxie from Chicago40%
Calamity Jane20%
Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)20%
Tommy from Tommy10%

Dr.Scott would go out with.......

Bambi's Mom (Bambi)36%
Lily von Stuck from Blazing Saddles24%
Hedwig's Mother20%
Anna from King and I4%

Eddie would go out with.......

Rizzo (Grease)42%
Orin Scrivello (Little Shop of Horrors)30%
Acid Queen from Tommy14%
Bad Sandy (Grease)14%

The Usherette would go out with.......

Zidler from Moulin Rouge26%
Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors24%
Gene Wilder from The Young Frankenstein22%
Dumbo (Dumbo)18%
Putzie from Grease10%

The Phantoms would go out with.......

Oompa Loompas (Willy Wonka)60%
Merry Murderesses (Chicago)20%
Everyone from 'Hair'15%
The Whole cast of Fame5%

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