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What Christmas present would you buy for a Rocky character?
Suggested by TWW
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Presents for Frank

Laser proof vest/corsetThen he wouldn't die at the end of the show/movie
Action Man (Lunch Box edition)He could then have a nibble any time he fancied a bit.
A candy necklace(y'know Sweets on a bit of elastic)Brad stole his pearl necklace.
A Black and Decker hedge trimmer?????
Rubber bed and shackles setDo you really want mw to answer that one? I'm sure you know why as we all want to don't we.
A pair of seamed stockings not fishnetsHe seems to lack them

Presents for Brad

A mobile phone!!!Isn't it obvious?
A pair of handcuffsTo see if he knew what to do with them!!

Presents for Janet

Shall we just say 'something from Ann Summers' (rhymes with "zildo" or "zibrater")Because when she succumbs to latent sexual urges and then is torn aways from the people that promoted that as soon as she excepted her sexuality , she was probably left very confused. now that she has become a very sexual person and is married to brad who until the end of the movie was still trying to deny his sexuality , she is probably left very unsatisfied sexually :}. And of course to keep her satisfied after Frank's death
Lesbian LoverAfter having frank no other MAN could really match up to it could they.

Presents for Riff-Raff

plastic surgery session ...what hump...?
A bottle of BLACK hair dye and a crimperGeorgie's hair at the start of the tour was better than the copy of thefilm hair / HE'S GOT CRAP BLOND HAIR NOW!!!!!!!!!!! TURN IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!
Shall we just say 'something from Ann Summers' (rhymes with "zildo")he could put it to real use instead on on top of his head when he takes over the film.
Big cuddly teddy bearHe thinks that nobody likes him and it might make him feel better!

Presents for Magenta

A teddy bearIt could remind her of Eddie
Large bottle of Tia Maria, Vodka and colaThen she can have black russian's and they are yum. Plus she is the princess of darkness, like Tia Maria.
Bottle of de-frizz hair serum !


Audition for a Broadway showShe has all that hidden talent

Presents for Rocky

Packet of top-up peroxideRoots are such a nightmare...

Presents for Eddie

New Leg.It's not Christmas yet and what with the mellenium cellebrations he can't afford to get legless till about the 24th of December!!!
Jar of ointment and a plaster!
New mototcycleI think he desirves one.

Presents for Narrator

New neckObvious really
Dancing in high heels lessonsHe needs them

Presents for The Usherette

Popcorn Machine
Ticket to Hollywood (circa. 1952...)

Presents for The Phantoms

Set of re-chargable batteriesTheir torches keep running out during the show!!!

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