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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 67 - January 2005
What would each character's New Year's
resolution be this time around?
Suggested by Becky and others
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Frank should resolve to.......

Never again split one brain between two44%
To relieve his tension more often30%
Buy a summer castle in Barcelona15%
Not die11%

Brad should resolve to.......

Carry a spare tyre37%
Join the Junior Chamber of Commerce pool orgy30%
Get a lifestyle22%
Always use a hanky when sneezing8%
Quit smoking3%

Janet should resolve to.......

Stop chasing Creatures of the Night29%
Stop having sex with ever one but Brad26%
Get her asshole (Brad) tattooed22%
Get a breast enlargment15%
Try and stay faithfull7%

The Narrator should resolve to.......

Save elecricity by switching the globe off41%
Get a neck37%
Do Shakespeare in the Mall11%
Learn to dance7%
Try to be more spontanious4%

Riff Raff should resolve to.......

Get a tan31%
Quilt a new space suit27%
Have better posture21%
Gain new friends21%

Magenta should resolve to.......

Stop giving her brother a hand29%
Stop sexually abusing stuffed animals29%
Learn to dust with two free hands18%
Be more polite to house guests12%
Always use hair conditioner12%

Columbia should resolve to.......

Take her tap shoes off in bed34%
Find a new guy26%
Show more nipple22%
Cut down on the vodka12%
Show less nipple6%

Rocky should resolve to.......

Control his libido37%
Reach at least 8 hours old29%
Cut down on liquid protein15%
Wear tighter gold trunks15%
Learn to ride a motorcycle4%

Dr.Scott should resolve to.......

Use one accent at a time45%
Get laid at least once23%
Stop playing with forks7%
Forget the past7%

Eddie should resolve to.......

Give Ozzy back the jewels44%
Keep out of the freezer26%
To learn to spell. (He is so smrt!)15%
Say no when Frank asks to 'pick your brain'12%
Get a better groupie3%

The Usherette should resolve to.......

Give away freebies (ice cream)26%
Buy Michael Rennie a Star on the Walk of Fame22%
Not talk through the movie19%
Train as a projectionist19%
Dress like Fay Ray 14%

The Phantoms should resolve to.......

Win X Factor 200540%
Do the Time Warp again40%
Eat the free ice cream10%
Spend time apart6%
Have more sex4%

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