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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 77 - November 2005
What Cocktail would each character enjoy? (made up the name if you like)
e.g. Frank would like a Slow Comfortable Screw
Suggested by Carly Henderson
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Frank would enjoy......

An Antici . . . Peni Colada36%
Between the sheets21%
Hard Man20%
A nice slow screw17%
A Rocky Horror (on the rocks!)6%

Brad would enjoy......

A Wet Blanket50%
A Virgin (Mary)37%
Scotch straight10%
4 eyes3%

Janet would enjoy......

A Creature of the Night60%
Slutty Slurp25%
Magic Moment5%
Harvey Wallbanger5%
Nympho's Neopolitan5%

The Narrator would enjoy......

A Pelvic Thrust31%
A Neck Pump29%
Glowing Globes29%
Black Russian6%
A Denton Affair5%

Riff Raff would enjoy......

A Time Warp (obviously)42%
Transylvanian Twist35%
A Saucy Sibling20%
The Humpy3%

Magenta would enjoy......

A Voyeuristic Intention54%
A Screaming Orgasm30%
Maid's Margherita Mouthful16%

Columbia would enjoy......

Bloody Mary Gang Bang30%
The Devil's Eye26%
Disney Have Alchohol23%
A TimeWarp Tapper12%
Shirley Temple9%

Rocky Horror would enjoy......

A Hot Groin62%
Sex on the Beach20%
Slut Slurper14%
Dubonet Deltoid4%

Dr. Scott would enjoy......

A Von Der Mix30%
A Teachers on the Rocks28%
A Cripple Crush15%
A Mobility Mixer15%

Eddie would enjoy......

Head Banger29%
A Switchblade Knife28%
Teddy on a Bike22%
Me Brains Gone21%

the Usherette would enjoy......

Forget the cocktail. an ice-cream!38%
A Knickerbockerglorioslyalcoholic22%
A Lip Licious21%
A Hot Lips19%

The Phantoms would enjoy......

Sunglass Soda32%
Vodka and Five Alive31%
A Light (over at the Frankenstein place)30%
Rock 'n' Rollers7%

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