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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 78 - December 2005
What topical item would the character like for Xmas 2005?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would like this gift......

Fishnets and a man52%
Framed pic of Charles Atlas31%
A Bottle of 471115%
A new whip2%

Brad would like this gift......

RAC Membership54%
Janet in bed20%
Glow in the dark Y-Fronts14%
Another pair of glasses8%
A tatoo? Certainly not!4%

Janet would like this gift......

Scented wipes... in case of seat wetting!45%
Industrial size box of condoms20%
An Umbrella20%
A Purse, since the last one got left behind10%
A Pink Rabbit5%

The Narrator would like this gift......

Globe shaped Drinks Cabinet30%
007's head on a plate30%
A Neck (Tie)27%
Personal Organiser13%

Riff Raff would like this gift......

Magenta in a Bow36%
Duracell Laser Batteries22%
Natural Blonde hair dye18%

Magenta would like this gift......

Nothing, in abundance34%
Hot Tongs32%
Kisses on the neck23%
Mega Duster7%
Hair spray4%

Columbia would like this gift......

Something Eddieble50%
Clothes that keep her tits in28%
Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf12%
History of Tap book6%

Rocky Horror would like this gift......

Weights, Weights and more Weights40%
Self Defence classes21%
Padded Seat Cushion6%

Dr. Scott would like this gift......

Turbo Wheelchair52%
Scotch, Scotch and more Scotch18%
Six more knives10%

Eddie would like this gift......

A brain!50%
A Case for his Air Guitar30%
New teddy20%

the Usherette would like this gift......

Red lipstick25%
The Phantoms23%
Bigger Lips10%
A lifetime's supply of ice-cream8%

The Phantoms would like this gift......

Their names on cast lists62%
Glasses that turn into Sunglasses24%
Hammer House of Horror Box Set10%
A pet Kitty!2%
White spats n party hats2%

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