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What course (real or not) would the characters study at University?
Suggested by Audrey
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Frank would take this course......

Safe (???) S&M30%
Monster Making 10125%
Transvestites in the 18 century21%
Transgender Studies12%
Domestic Science12%

Brad would take this course......

White bread and Jello:
The American Way
Vechicle Maintenance34%
Computing Science20%
Film and Television of the 194011%

Janet would take this course......

Mastering 'Slave & Master'28%
Susie Homemaking27%
Anything that made her wise up21%
How to fake an orgasm14%

The Narrator would take this course......

Forensic Psychology1%

Riff Raff would take this course......

Rocket Science24%
Undertaking for Beginners20%
Elbow-Sex for beginners20%

Magenta would take this course......

Sibling Studies31%
Life Skills29%
Advanced French Polishing18%
Bannister Repair10%

Columbia would take this course......

Tap Dancing!50%
Motorcycle rider repair20%
Stay Safe for total beginners15%
How to adore Rockers5%

Rocky Horror would take this course......

Major in Physical Fitness34%
Speaking classes34%
The 3 R's12%
Sports Science10%

Dr. Scott would take this course......

English without German accents30%
A Ph.D...?24%
How to spot Aliens (advanced)10%

Eddie would take this course......

How to survive for more than 5 minutes29%
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance27%
Rock 'n' Roll a brief history27%
How to avoid picky situations17%

the Usherette would take this course......

Coping with schizophrenia55%
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Academy15%
Cinema - Complete History of Cinema15%
How to see in the dark10%

The Phantoms would take this course......

General Weirdness34%
How to look good in shades19%
Even Bigger Drama19%
Singing in Harmony - Advanced8%

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