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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 82 - April 2006
What would each character do on a rainy (April) night?
Suggested by Kate
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Frank would be doing this....

Rent an old Steve Reeves movie40%
Knit himself a man28%
Sip at a Martini10%

Brad would be doing this....

Sew labels on his y-fronts30%
Read a good book27%
Count the rain drops22%
Hugging Janet15%
Go out for a nice drive6%

Janet would be doing this....

Reading Brides magazine22%
Flower arranging8%

The Narrator would be doing this....

Table dancing30%
Read a dictionary29%
A bit of bubbly7%
Surf the internet2%

Riff Raff would be doing this....

Something with Magenta31%
Spying on the others28%
Polish his lazer25%
Training the dogs6%

Magenta would be doing this....

Paint her nails with columbia34%
Screaming, shifting, & light dusting34%
Dreaming about home20%

Columbia would be doing this....

Join Eddie in the icebox48%
Tap dancing24%
Take a bubble bath with Frank20%
Reading Heat magazine8%

Rocky Horror would be doing this....

Work out60%
Go out in the rain and pose18%
Play with his... toy cars10%
Play strip poker10%
Watch daytime TV2%

Dr. Scott would be doing this....

Extreme wheelchairing in the lab43%
Darn his fishnets 25%
Study the Argos catalogue15%
Learn English without an accent15%
Study at the library2%

Eddie would be doing this....

Read rock and roll porn30%
Work on his motorcycle26%
Listen to rock and roll music24%
Clean his spare parts10%
Laying motionless10%

the Usherette would be doing this....

Play with her (bunny) rabbit32%
Place popcorn in size order30%
Recharge her batteries25%
Wait for the lights to go off13%

The Phantoms would be doing this....

Scare people50%
Play hide and seek15%
Make an indoor tent15%
Jumping in puddles15%
Making mischief5%

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