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Print this pageEmail to a friendRocky Horror Poll results Number 85 - July 2006
If the characters could have a super-human power
and a super hero name, what would it be?
Suggested by Ruth Ford
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Frank would be called and have this power....

Viagra Man - the ability to harden anything37%
Super Shag - the power to draw anyone into bed34%
Doctor Whore/Can shag faster than the speed of light!17%
FrankMan - Or is he?12%

Brad would be called and have this power....

The Amazing Asshole - Winks at enemy36%
Hex - with his extraordinary X-Ray Spex22%
Bland Man - the ability to do math20%
Packageman/Knocks enemies out with it!14%
Mr Boardom: the power to bore his enemies to death8%

Janet would be called and have this power....

The Sluttotron: no real power just boobs and spandex58%
Doe - amazing doe-eyes, looks like butter wouldn't melt, but could get away with any crime17%
Seductrella/Ability to turn any man on11%
Lady Tramp - super leg-stretching abilities11%
Bed Queen - the ability to get anyone into a bed3%

The Narrator would be called and have this power....

The Neckinator/Steals necks in the hopes of one day having one of his own28%
The Librarian - he holds all knowledge under his cape28%
Globe man - spins enemies round and round until they chuck17%
The Book - Throws it at his enemies14%
Super Prof - can quiet even the noisest classroom10%
Wheelman and his spinning wheels of death3%

Riff Raff would be called and have this power....

Incestomaniac - he's good with his lazer36%
Incestuor - Ability to sleep with sister and love it25%
Mr Happyhappyfuntime: his power to lurk makes him invisible14%
Supabump - and his healing hump13%
The Butler - able to recite Stevie Wonder songs12%

Magenta would be called and have this power....

The Demented Dame - Sees all!28%
Hypno-Sis - and her spellbinding eyes25%
The Stare: her slow burn melts even the thickest skinned individual into a weeping pile on the floor22%
Featherwoman - uses her boa and duster skills to keep enemies away19%
Scarlett Woman - x-ray vision6%

Columbia would be called and have this power....

The Squeeeeek - High pitched voice destroys all42%
Glitter Girl - can conjure poofs of musical theatre at will30%
Loopy Hoopy - the super groupie16%
The Tapper - Can deafen enemies with those damn tap shoes!8%
The Stalker - will follow anyone to the ends of the Earth4%

Rocky Horror would be called and have this power....

Supergroin - and his magical hotpants53%
Goldenballs and his goldenballs17%
Acrobatorator - Can bend body in many different extreme positions16%
Rockinator: so dimwitted he is in fact a super genious...wow8%
Rockboy and his limitless brain power6%

Dr. Scott would be called and have this power....

Great Scott - like Superman but with sexier stockings60%
Dr. Liederhosen - yodels and drinks beer20%
Vonn - and his extraodinary Hover chair11%
Wheelman and his spinning wheels of death5%
The Count and his spelling mistake4%

Eddie would be called and have this power....

Eddieble - and he is25%
The Bat from Hell - with the ability to bite the head off Ozzy Ozbourne24%
Swoon Goon - captures the heart of every girl he meets - and brings it back to the freezer with him22%
Saxamophone man - with the power not to be seduced by aliens and used as the main coarse21%
Domino - and his ability to make and deliver pizzas in super quick time8%

the Usherette would be called and have this power....

Popcorn Queen with the immense knowledge of all the B-line movies ever made33%
Sliverscreen: with the power of her almighty ice-cream freeze ray25%
HyperChick - uses sugar highs to up her stamina22%
Miss Strawberry Time - Turns anything into sweets with her magic wand14%
Albatross - able to dish out refreshments from beyond the grave6%

The Phantoms would be called and have this power....

They're Phantoms already! What more do you want?!44%
The power to steal things (including the health of headliners)19%
Groovy Ghoulies - Abilty to blend into black surrounding16%
The Menacing Phantoms - The abilty to make crap prequels12%
Whirling Dervish - can move at high speeds and make sonic booms9%

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