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If each character could be an animal, what and why?
Suggested by Shelley McGill
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Frank would be a......

Snake - sneaky and sexy48%
Lion - King of the jungle20%
Black widow spider - Eats their partner20%
Hawk - strikes from above8%
Donkey - !4%

Brad would be a......

Rabbit - Caught in the headlights32%
Bald Eagle - all American and sooo dominant!28%
Mole - he's just plain24%
Mouse - Not a man16%

Janet would be a......

Chameleon - changes her colour at a drop of her knickers39%
Kitten - Soft to the touch25%
Dog - A female dog. Better know as....20%
Fox - Need I say more?11%
Cat - prim proper and hissy-spiteful5%

The Narrator would be a......

Owl - wise and aloof52%
Crab - their heads are joined to their bodies40%
Penguin - It's the walk8%

Riff Raff would be a......

Rat - scheming and sneaky55%
Bat - batty and makes very little noise24%
Shark - Strikes when he sees blood12%
Snake - sly and often unnoticed9%

Magenta would be a......

Lioness - secretly in charge of the males28%
Hawk - She sees all24%
Spider - she's mysterious20%
Fly (as in on-the-wall) - voyeristic16%
Monkey - she likes screeching and hanging off things12%

Columbia would be a......

Meerkat - The groupie of the animal kingdom30%
Hamster - small squeaky and fits a lot in her mouth30%
Squirrel - she tends to be nutty20%
Kangaroo - Hops around all day12%
Woodpecker - Always tap-tap-tapping8%

Rocky would be a......

Peacock - vain beautiful and small brain40%
Silverback Gorilla - only gold26%
Lion Cub - The circle of life19%
Butterfly - emerging from his cocoon10%
Rhino - but he should be called 'Neal'5%

Dr.Scott would be a......

German Shepherd - Sit!44%
Badger - Strong yet unable to jump high23%
Turtle - Non Ninja type20%
Wolf - in sheeps clothing til he's unclothed13%

Eddie would be a......

Bat (out of hell)45%
Bull - in a china shop where Frank's concerned26%
Oxen - Beast of Burden25%
Slug - slow moving and dense2%
Jackalope - ?2%

The Usherette would be a......

Cow - she produces the ice cream34%
Mink - sly and has a nasty nip if disturbed24%
Monkey - looks innocent but really naughty22%
Ant - not visible to everyone but watching20%

The Phantoms would be......

Hyenas - Picking on the leftovers46%
Vampire Bats - sucking on the blood of others17%
Vultures - gathering round the feast16%
Camelon - change to fit background14%
Flies - on the wall7%

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