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Who would each character's celebrity spouse be?
Suggested by Audrey
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Frank would marry......

Vin Deisel32%
Pete Burns24%
Dita von Teese24%
Graham Norton10%
Christian Bale7%
George Michael3%

Brad would marry......

Reese Witherspoon32%
Cherie Blair25%
Gwenyth Paltrow24%
Margret Thatcher12%
Jade Goody7%

Janet would marry......

A Chippendale20%
Adam and all the Ants16%
Arnold Shwarzenegger16%
Tom Cruise6%

The Narrator would marry......

Speaking clock woman52%
Kate Moss14%
Vera Duckworth14%
Enid Blyton12%
Victoria Beckham8%

Riff Raff would marry......

Buffy the Vampire Slayer50%
Katie Holmes15%
Posh Spice12%
Calista Flockhart12%
Britney Spears11%

Magenta would marry......

Jack Black40%
Michael Jackson32%
Brad Pitt20%
George Bush4%
Gary Rhodes4%

Columbia would marry......

Meatloaf of course70%
Preston ordinary boys11%
All of Riverdance10%
Jim Carrey9%

Rocky would marry......

Paris Hilton (beauty but not nessicarily brains)45%
Sylvester Stallone15%
Glenn Close6%

Dr.Scott would marry......

Magaret Thatcher25%
Eva Braun24%
Eva Peron23%
Hannibal Lecter22%
Heather Mills6%

Eddie would marry......

Kelly Osbourne49%
Sharon Osbourne25%
Marilyn Monroe12%
Jodie Marsh11%
Elvis Presley3%

The Usherette would marry......

The Muffin Man45%
Michael Rennie22%
Bill Gates13%
Pearl and Dean10%

The Phantoms would marry......

Each other!50%
Anyone named Christine15%
Courtney Cox11%

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