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What would each character like for Christmas this year?
Suggested by TWW
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Frank would like......

A new man with blonde hair and a tan50%
Stockings full of things20%
Fuzzy handcuffs16%
Chocolate fountain14%

Brad would like......

Glasses with built in windscreen wipers34%
Y-fronts and socks26%
Contact lenses19%
Driving gloves... and a new spare tyre11%
A where's wally book10%

Janet would like......

Anyone (slut)45%
A new peticoat8%
An umberella7%
A puppy7%

The Narrator would like......

A Grow your own neck kit40%
A new book (he's been reading that last one for such a long time)38%
A trip around the world10%
Encyclopaedia Brittannia8%
A new dinner jacket4%

Riff Raff would like......

The updated Laser Beam gun35%
A comb34%
A Flatscreen Monitor15%
Respect from Frank10%
A kitten6%

Magenta would like......

She asks for nothing!!38%
Riff Raff in under pants30%
Moon-cream lotion for her days on the beaches of Transylvania10%
A brand-new feather-duster7%
Ann Summers Gift Vouchers5%

Columbia would like......

Framed portrait of her and Eddie30%
Meatloafs greatest hits album30%
Tap shoes duh!15%
Pink hair dye and some glittery hair spray15%
Iceland Freezer Vouchers10%

Rocky would like......

A brain? A heart? Some courage?32%
Candy-Apple-Red gym equipment25%
A ticket out of there8%

Dr.Scott would like......

Fishnet tights (they grew on him)35%
Stephen Hawking's wheelchair33%
A chemistry set6%
Mein Kampf - a first edition, signed4%
Mostache trimmer2%

Eddie would like......

Rock And Roll Porn DVD46%
A faster motor bike14%
A brain14%
A shiny helmet12%

The Usherette would like......

A fishnet stockingful of candy38%
Popcorn machine20%
The collected works of Ray Harryhausen18%
Promotion to projectionist14%
Wind up torch10%

The Phantoms would like......

Twister board game32%
Something dark and mysterious30%
Day of the Dead DVD collection13%
Peace on Earth - War on Transylvania13%
Nicer sunglasses12%

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