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Page updated Sunday, March 4th, 2007
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What would each Character make as a new years resolution?
Suggested by a hangover!
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Frank would make this resolution......
To build a new man complete with better vocabulary50%
Spend more time in bed32%
To treat riff raff better7%
Visit his mother more often7%
To straighten his hair4%

Brad would make this resolution......
To wear better underwear30%
Not to be such an arshole20%
Become Mayor of Denton20%
Give up the fags12%
Treat himself to the entire DVD collection of 'Star Trek'10%
Buy Janet a new ring8%

Janet would make this resolution......
Shag anything that moves35%
Not to be a slut20%
Improve her cooking20%
Stop taking 'rides' from strange men lying in tanks15%
To carry a bottle of "anti-frizz" for hair10%

The Narrator would make this resolution......
To try his very hardest to grow a neck31%
To further his career25%
Stop letting the mean neck jokes get to him...16%
To ensure he has enough Batteries for his glowing globe16%
Add another shiny book for his collection12%

Riff Raff would make this resolution......
Not to kill anyone...ooops35%
Buy more blonde hair dye20%
Stop intimidating the nice guests17%
To buy a longer tunic for his finale14%
To keep away from Magenta14%

Magenta would make this resolution......
To remember to ask for at least a few things rather than nothing34%
To try and keep her hair under control21%
Try and clean the house more often18%
Buy a glittery thong15%
Cut down on Riff12%

Columbia would make this resolution......
Must remember to ask what's for dinner37%
To marry eddie25%
To squeak less and try to speak normally21%
Experiment with other crazy hair colours12%
Buy a different sparkly waistcoat5%

Rocky would make this resolution......
Learn a language such as English37%
To get away from the madness18%
Work out more often15%
Wear clothes15%

Dr.Scott would make this resolution......
To invest in a motorised wheelchair and put pictures on ebay of him with stockings on36%
See the fourth Reich24%
To try and speak in a less stupid accent15%
Lose the accent15%
To be happy10%

Eddie would make this resolution......
To stay out of freezers39%
To subscribe to "rock and roll porn" and get a 25% discount32%
Try bursting through cardboard as Ice is painful.10%
Think about the classics more10%
Not be naughty9%

The Usherette would make this resolution......
To get a better job32%
Try a different colour lipstick30%
To serve them well20%
Invent a new flavour of ice-cream14%
Less Insane giggling4%

The Phantoms would make this resolution......
Buy shades other than those found in Poundland35%
Go somewhere darker20%
My new years resolution is to not have one18%
To not wear suits17%
Meet some new friends10%

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