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What is each character's favorite book?
Suggested by Kerstin
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Frank would read this book......
How to make a man42%
Pop Up Karma Sutra20%
The entire 'erotic' section at the library20%
Biography of Marilyn Monroe5%

Brad would read this book......
Stamp Collecting through the ages35%
A mechanics guide to fixing cars25%
Take it like a man (by Boy George)22%
The perfect wedding18%

Janet would read this book......
The Karma Sutra33%
Mills & Boon 'The thrust of true love'21%
Men are from mars, Women are from venus21%
Great Expectations18%
one fish, 2 fish green fish blue fish7%

The Narrator would read this book......
Encyclopedia Brittania54%
The Dictionary14%
RHPS Script14%
Notes from a small island6%
Hop on Pop6%
Wisdens Cricket Almanac6%

Riff Raff would read this book......
Torture techniques of medieval England60%
Thermal modelling: an introduction to lasers25%
Dr. brown can moo, can you?15%

Magenta would read this book......
Moulin Rouge: The complete guide37%
House of Incest24%
Upstairs, Downstairs24%
Mechanics guide to the transit beam15%

Columbia would read this book......
The joy of sequins48%
Food and you - what not to eat20%
How to chosse the right man20%
Barbie Annual 197312%

Rocky would read this book......
Rocky can't read!36%
Winnie the Pooh (He loves the pictures)35%
Mr Men books20%
A new beginning9%

Dr.Scott would read this book......
UFO'S (how to survive an alien probe)32%
Einsteins Theory Of Relativity30%
Mein Kampf30%
The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler8%

Eddie would read this book......
Harley Davidson annual15%
Brain Surgery for the Nearly Dead15%
Dial M for Meat Loaf10%

The Usherette would read this book......
Timetable for the late night double feature picture show36%
Movie Review yearbook24%
The Oxford Guide to Sugary Treats21%
Jilly Cooper 'Riders'10%
Gerald McBoing-Boing9%

The Phantoms would read this book......
The Spice Girls biography27%
The servants of Twilight27%
The entire series of the Famous Five15%

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