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Where would each character like to live? Real or imaginary.
Suggested by Mikey
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Frank would live......
Transexual Transylvania40%
The red light district35%
With me25%

Brad would live......
The YMCA31%
The Lake District29%
Above a gay bar22%
Bodmin Moor18%

Janet would live......
Somewhere that's green27%
Anywhere with Rocky!20%
A giant apple pie!18%
Wisteria Drive18%

The Narrator would live......
Reading room of the British Library60%
Next door to the Platts (Coronation Street)12%

Riff Raff would live......
With Magenta.37%
Anywhere Frank is NOT20%
Cyber Space11%
Frank's castle10%

Magenta would live......
On Price Drop TV36%
With her beloved Riff Raff25%
Rio de Janiero15%
La Senza12%

Columbia would live......
Disney World (Florida)70%
On the back of Eddie's bike28%
Jack in a box1%
with Elton John1%

Rocky would live......
With Harry Potter in a one bed flat36%
In the gymnasium34%
At the Mr Universe show18%
Los Angeles9%
Mount Olympus3%

Dr.Scott would live......
Secret Nuclear Bunker30%
Anne Summers20%
Eine kleine Haus10%

Eddie would live......
Anywhere along Route 6666%
A giant freezer.11%

The Usherette would live......
The movie theatre.30%
Walls ice cream factory27%
Trailer Park12%
The foyer3%

The Phantoms would live......
Transylvania - of course!50%
A gothic-style dormitory40%
On the late night buses in London4%
Gotham City4%

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