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Well for us anyway!
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Well then, after one of the most Frequent Questions being "Why don't you have a Frequently Asked Questions page?". TimeWarp are proud to present our very own top queries to the site and club.

If you are looking for a more general Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie based) FAQ then we are more than happy to recommend The Rocky Horror FAQ site.

For Rocky Horror Show questions the best resource is the Official Rocky Horror Show site

Questions about TimeWarp Fan Club

QIs there a Press Contact for the Fan Club?

AStephanie is the person to speak to, the easiest way is to use our feedback form to send her a message.

QWhere can I get more information about the Fan Club?

AWell read on... apart from that we have a specific page on the site all about us and how to join. Click here to read it.

QHave you stopped printing your newsletters?

APrinting yes, producing no. We made the decision a while back to stop sending out printed newsletters. To keep the quality at the level we were using was getting too expensive, as was the ever increasing postage costs. It was getting unfair to charge people so much. So now the newsletters are available in the members section as pdf downloads. You can either read them online or print them out yourselves. This also means we get to use colour in the newsletters and can charge a nominal one-off fee to join the fan club. Just as much work goes into the production of the newsletters, we've just evolved. In fact the TimeWarp newsletters are now the longest continuous running Rocky Horror fanzines in the world, all the way back to 1988!

QHow come you get to use the name TimeWarp, I thought that was a song title?

AIt is! We are allowed to use the name with permission from Richard O'Brien himself, see further down the page for more information on how the club started.

QWhy write TimeWarp as a compound word then?

AWow, you know your stuff. Simple answer is, because that's us. TimeWarp written as one word with a capital "T" and "W" is the fan club. "Time Warp" as two words is the song. Tim Warp is a guy we met once.

QWhen and how did the Fan Club start?

AWay back in the last century, February 1988 to be exact a young lady called Stephanie and her friend Amanda went to see the show and they wanted more. She searched in vain, but there was no established official Fan Club for the UK. There were a couple of newsletters and small groups, but nothing along the lines of a club. So she wrote a letter to that nice Mr O'Brien and asked his permission to start TimeWarp. Richard wrote back! He would allow Stephanie to start the club and use the name TimeWarp, but there were conditions. The main one was he would only allow one official club, so if she did it she had to be dedicated and not stop after a few months. The first newsletter went out in October 1988 and TimeWarp has kept going strong ever since. From the initial contact with Richard the Fan Club gained recognition and endorsement with both Rocky Horror Company and 20th Century Fox as the one and only Official UK Rocky Horror Fan Club.

QHang on then, I thought your name was David, not Stephanie?

AOh yes, well there was this show touring the country called the Rocky Horror Show and Stephanie and Amanda travelled many miles to see it. They even came to see the movie at the Screen on Baker Street one night. A young (that was then!) man called David Freeman just happened to be shadow casting Riff Raff. Stephanie had seen him at the stage show, but they only exchanged fleeting comments to each other before. One date later (it was a screening of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit") and a couple of weeks and they were engaged to be married. Fast forward to 1997 and David buys a book on HTML and starts writing the site. My standard reply to people who ask if I run the Fan Club is....."Nope, I just married into it and write the web site."

QHow much money do you make from the Fan Club?

AVery often asked! Nothing, Nada, Zip. Every pound (or should that be Euro?) we get in from subscriptions and merchandise goes into the running of the club. TimeWarp is very much a non-profit making organisation. We get no financial support from anyone else and everything is done in our spare time.

QWhen is the next Transylvania Convention?

AWe're still thinking about that one. 2003 was out as Rocky Horror Company had some plans for their 30th anniversary celebrations that might have clashed. As it turned out, it wouldn't have, but it's too late now. When we run an event it can take well over a year to organise and our social life seems to vanish. There is also the financial consideration of being personally liable for £20,000+ if it all goes pear-shaped for the size of events we run. The short answer is 'watch this space'. In the mean time, check out our Rocky Horror Picnic Show pages for details on our annual get together we ran at original Rocky Horror Picture Show filming location - Oakley Court from 2005 to 2022.

QI'm writing an essay/thesis about Rocky Horror can you send me every bit of information you have please?

AStephanies' favourite FAQ. The short answer is no. The web is full of information about the show. This site alone contains hundreds of references to the show and the movie. Research does not mean write to us and get us to do it for you. Quite frankly we haven't the time and if we did, we'd be doing our own Rocky Horror based degrees.

QWhat is the Fan Club address?

A TimeWarp fan club,
 PO Box 4711,
 TN9 9JW

QWhat is your phone number and while I'm at it can I have the ones for Richard O'Brien and Pat Quinn as well?

AOur personal one is ex-directory, just like Richard and Patricia. The Fan Club itself doesn't have a number where you can call us. Our Contact Form is a wonderful thing for that.

QCan I have Richard's address then?

AOf course you can, if he wanted you to have it he would tell you it. What we will do for people is forward on fan mail to him. If you are sending large packets we will wait until we next see him to pass it on, so there may be a month or two's delay. Letters get sent on every couple of weeks. If you would like to make a make a contribution to forwarding postage costs, you may enclose a few postage stamps for us. Richard has now relocated to New Zealand. We can still send mail onwards, but there will be a slightly longer delay. Richard can only reply to letters sent with a self-addressed-envelope. Please don't send very large items such as Funko Pops as the international postage is just too much now.

Richard O'Brien also asked us to point out he has neither facebook nor twitter accounts! At the moment there are one or two people impersonating him on social media and he wants the world to know it's not him. Pass the information on.

We can forward on your messages in the post to Paticia Quinn as well, but if you would like an autograph or something signed, you must do this through her official site at http://patriciaquinn.co.uk/ rather than asking her in a letter.

QHow do I get to be a Fan Club rep?

AThe reps we have currently have all been with the club for many years before they became a representative. We need to get to know people very well before we ask them to become a rep for the club.

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Questions about the TimeWarp web site.

QWhat will you use my information for when I enter a competition, etc. What is your privacy policy?

ATimeWarp will NEVER use your details for any purpose other than stated on a particular page. We do not pass on names, email or address details (unless clearly stated on a submission page) to any third party. Currently the site only sets cookies for the Forum pages to help with log in, we do not trawl any personal information from our users.

QI've received a Spam Message/Virus from an @timewarp.org.uk/time-warp.org.uk/rockychat.co.uk/rockyshop.co.uk/rockyshop.com address, why did you send it?

AWe Didn't! Lot's of viruses now trawl through peoples address books and use a random email address they find as the sender field in the messages they send out. Our systems are protected by server side virus filtering, local anti-virus and firewall software (which updates every time a new threat is identified) so cannot send out a hostile message. Look into the raw data for the message and you'll find it is faking our email address. The TimeWarp machines have never had a virus infection. For the record our server side software does catch and kill around five thousand spam and virus laden messages sent to us at random each month. Always check the "Raw" data for the message, the last one we were sent that faked one of our email addresses came from btcentralplus.com and the messages were all signed "The TimeWarp Support Team" again a signature we've never used!

QMicrosoft Internet Explorer says it is protecting me from scripts on your pages, should I allow them to run?

AYep, we only use a little bit of Java/Javascript all of which is checked to be safe for our users before it goes live. Our Shockwave files are all written by us, so they are safe too. Why not get a much safer, faster browser such as Mozilla FireFox, our browser of choice and help break the IE dominance?

If you have Internet Explorer and you want to see our status bar messages you need to do the following:

  1. Select the Security tab from "Internet Options" in the Internet Explorer Tools Menu.
  2. Select Custom level for the Internet (or Restricted sites) zone.
  3. Find Allow status bar updates via script in the Scripting section of the menu
  4. Change the setting to Enable.

To see our status bar text in FireFox
Go to Tools: Options: Content. Make sure that Enable Javascript is ticked then next to that click the Advanced button and make sure the Change Status Bar box is ticked

QHow do I navigate the site?

AWell you've done quite well so far! Navigate around the TimeWarp site via the various rooms shown on the Monitor Room. Clicking on a small Monitor on any page will return you to the main Monitor Room.

QWhat happened to the hit counter figures on the main page?

ABecause hit counters are only as reliable as the people that use them we decided to drop a counter script when we moved servers on 13th June 2005. If someone bookmarks a page inside the site they will bypass the counter anyway. Other sites put their counters on their menu pages and that can lead to one visitor notching up ten hits for a single viewing of the site as they go back and forth in the pages. We have the ability to see the number of unique visitors to our site and this tends to be the best number to use. Since we moved servers we decided to use only actual visitors for the statistics. The bottom line is, we're a popular site with on average well over 50,000 visitors each month. You can see the statistics for the TimeWarp site by clicking this link.

QWhy don't you have screen grabs, scans, MP3 files, full Lyrics and images from the Rocky Horror Picture Show / Rocky Horror Show for us to download on the site?

ATimeWarp is the Official UK Rocky Horror Fan Club, recognised by Richard O'Brien, Rocky Horror Company and 20th Century Fox. We cannot infringe their copyrights by 'borrowing' their copyrighted property. Every image we use we have permission to do so. It took months to get the OK just to use the Fox logo on the site. There are hundreds of other Rocky sites on the net that have these things to download (unlike all the X-Files sites which Fox decided to sue). Everything on our Downloads page is original work, or we have permission to pass it on to you fine folks.

QCan we take images from your site then?

AI'd rather you asked for permission to use a specific image first. A link back to TimeWarp is also appreciated. Contact me here if you want. We also have a page of Downloads which include graphics for you to use freely on your own sites.

QWhat is your policy on images I send into TimeWarp for publication on the site?

A"By sending us your images you grant us the right to publish them here on the TimeWarp site only. You retain copyright and we will remove any images at any time if requested by the original person that sent them. We will NOT use your images for any other purpose, nor sell or pass them on to any third party. We will not apply any changes to this policy retrospectively." How's that for the opposite of social media sites!

QHow big is the TimeWarp site?

AFour metres wide by Five metres long.
Or... as of Sunday, November 7th, 2021 over 32,000 individual pages. The site got a lot bigger when we moved servers on Monday 13th June 2005 and started our own forums and site search engine.

QDo you let anyone post on your Forums?

ATimeWarp quite likes the idea of free speech, although we have been know to kill the odd thread when we couldn't establish who was pretending to be who! Register for the Forums and let the world know you're real as our privacy policy states we won't use your details for any other purpose. It also keeps the evil spammers at bay.

QHow can I link to the TimeWarp site?

AThere are full instructions on our Links page. Click here to see them and get a link graphic.

QWhere can I get more information about the TimeWarp site?

AYou mean you didn't discover that we have a specific Site Information page?

QHow much do you get paid to write the site?

AOne hundred and sixty one million pounds. Well that's a slight overestimate, we get paid nothing. We write the site for the same reason as we run the fan club, because it's fun and we love Rocky Horror. TimeWarp has always been a club run by fans for fans, since 1988.

QWhen did the site start?

A10th April 1997, a while ago now. In those days we didn't even have the timewarp.org.uk name pointing to the pages, so we weren't quite as well known then. The site started big time on Friday, 1st August 1997 when we let the world know about us being there, so that is the date we go by.

QWhy does you site look small on Firefox 5 on my nice big monitor?

AThat's what I thought, even though it looks fine on IE. Well for now the solution is to zoom the browser one or two steps up. Hold CTRL and press + a couple of times. Doesn't that look nicer!

QWhy don't you post all your images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

ABecause of their copyright and privacy policies mainly. We have FB and Twitter to help promote the site and any images we use here we use strictly inline with our policy, which is........

Our Terms of Use of your images. More of a promise really! By sending us your images you grant us the right to publish them here on the TimeWarp site only. You retain copyright and we will remove any images at any time if requested by the original person that sent them. We will NOT use your images for any other purpose, nor sell or pass them on to any third party. We will not apply any changes to this policy retrospectively.

Besides the TimeWarp site has been around a lot longer than social meda.

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Other Questions

QDoes Richard O'Brien have Facebook and Twitter accounts?

ANo, and he doesn't want them either. He does however have people impersonating him (badly) on both those social media sites. He even phoned us up in December 2012 to make sure we spread the world that they are fakes.

QIs it true you get free tickets to all the shows?

AHah! Meaning no. We pay for our tickets just like every one else.

QWhy aren't there any more questions?

AOh there will be! This is FAQ version two and a half. I'll be adding them as we get asked the same thing many times. You can always use the Contact Form to ask anything else you want.

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