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Page updated Thursday, February 14th, 2008
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(The brave ones who put an email address have their name set as a mailto link for replies!
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To: Kimmy
From: Jonathan
My message of lurve to you:
The fact I have such a positive impact on you is something I never could have imagined happening in my lifetime to anyone. Ever since I discovered it, though, it's made me believe that I'm capable of many other things in my life and not let any obstacle scare me away. And I love you and thank you for that.
Happy Valentine's Day Miss Kimmy!

Cupid To: alyson
From: wild80's
My message of lurve to you:
just a few simple words to say i love you..
and will you be my valentine..

To: Stephanie
From: TWW
My message of lurve to you:
I love getting into your knickers, in fact I'm wearing them now.
And they said romance was dead Smile!

Cupid To: Clive
From: Vicki
My message of lurve to you:
Nearly a year on, and still very happy!
Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day,
All my love,

To: Steveo
From: antonia bedford
My message of lurve to you:
toucha toucha toucha touch me,
i wanna be dirty'
chill me, thrill me, furfill me,
creature of the night.
love you lots and miss you loads

Cupid To: Everyone
From: Kanako
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines to you guys!!

To: All
From: David Doyon
My message of lurve to you:
Have a happy Valentines Day

Cupid To: Leni
From: Mudshark
My message of lurve to you:
Missing you, my little red snapper
Get well soon :)

To: Rob Bagnall
From: carol mulhern
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines Sweetheart.
Thankyou for the last 5 months, the love and laughter we have together is so special to me.
Whether it be, out in a club, dancing close in the livingroom or miles apart. I Love you dearly.
All my Love Always and Allways,
Carol. XXX

Cupid To: Jonathan Ruggiero
From: Kimmy Woodworth
My message of lurve to you:
You've been with me through the some of the most difficult things I've ever been through. You've been there for me through everything this past year. I love you for how strong you are and how determined you are to overcome any obstacle. You mean so much to me. Happy Valentines Day, sweetheart. Sunshiiiiiineee! xxx Kimmy

To: Natalie
From: Dave
My message of lurve to you:
Ooooooo! It doesn't get any worse does it! Love you more than words can say. Can't wait 'til we do that Time Warp again!

Cupid To: chris
From: natalie
My message of lurve to you:
Even though ur one of 'them' gays i still love ya!! thanks for always being there for me!!!!

To: Hairybear
From: Sleepyhead
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines Hairybear. Just wanted you to know how much I love you. You're my very own personal Frank, and God, do you look good in stockings!! Loves ya always.

Cupid To: Carol
From: Rob
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentine's Day, kitten.
>From those first perfect precious hours with you at last year's TimeWarp picnic - who needs Cupid's arrow when you have the light of The Frankenstein Place? - I knew I'd met my match. Oakley Court was working its magic that night, but it was you who cast a spell over me.
You're stunning, sexy, funny, amazing company and just as crazy as I am; you're everything I could ever wish for, dream of and fantasise about... and so much more. I treasure every wonderful moment we share together, and look forward to a future of love, laughs, romance, dressing up and fishnet fun.
My heart belongs to you. I love you, want you and fancy you so very much (and I want to tell you all the time). We truly are a perfect fit and I am completely your's. Always and all ways.
Rob. xxx

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