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Page updated Saturday, February 14th, 2009
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To: ?
My message of lurve to you:
to my sexy franky you make my heat go bang bang whem we kiss me love you lots and lots from poppet

Cupid To: Trevor Sutton
From: Anne Sutton
My message of lurve to you:
I'm lucky, you're lucky.....but mostly you're lucky. Tee hee!
Love Anne xxx

To: Me
From: Lisa Waters
My message of lurve to you:
hhahah they send rocky horror valenteins, good idea Lol

Cupid To: Lee
From: Kev
My message of lurve to you:
To my special fella Lee.
Happy Valentines day.
I love you very much, (Even though you always nick the chocolate flavoured Mr Kippling French Fancy out of the box first and leave me with the pink gay one or yellow hyperactive one.)
Big hugs
Kev x

To: Sion Sweet
From: Jess Sweet
My message of lurve to you:
Its hard for me to say but i really do love you more than the Rocky Horror Show. Just not quite as much as Tim!(just joking sweetie, Happy Valentines Day!)

Cupid To: Colin
From: John
My message of lurve to you:
John loves Colin xXx

To: Rob Bagnall
From: carol mulhern
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines Day Rob,

I love being loved by you,
to the world you are one person,
to me you are the world.
I count my blessings daily,
about what brought you into my life,
You are my love, My joy, My fun,
and will continue for years to come.
Always and Allways, Carol xxx

Cupid To: Mrs TWW
From: TWW
My message of lurve to you:
Rose's are red......
Violet's are blue.......
Yours are black and sexy
That's why   I   Love   You

To: Mary Lou
From: TImbo McC
My message of lurve to you:
Still lusting after you after all these years, time to travel to the planet and enjoy ourselves/each other

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