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Page updated Sunday, February 14th, 2010
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(The brave ones put an email address for replies!
Don't forget to remove the anti-spam text though)

To: karen jayne
From michael horton email
My message of lurve to you:
hi hun
just to say i love you more than anything and am so glad that you are in my life hope the next 21 years are as good as the last ones
all my love forever michael

Cupid To: Tabitha Wild
From Moog
My message of lurve to you:
To my love Happy unValentines from your waterproof chicken xxx

To: Rob Bagnall
From Carol Mulhern email
My message of lurve to you:
Rob, You're such a kind, caring, considerate and loving person.
We have such a fab time together and I love every minute that I'm with you.
I am so lucky to have met someone like you, and you make me amazingly happy.
Thank you for the Romance, love and laughter,
long may it continue,
From your Fiance
All my love, Always and All ways

Cupid To: Joey
From dark columbia
My message of lurve to you:
Hey darling
The best present for Valentines Day ever: You in stockings ;) Can't wait for it.
Thank you for everything, I love you! *hug*


To: Louis Virot
From John Grimstone email
My message of lurve to you:
Louis, I love you so much, you are my world. My life has got better ever since the day we got together. I really dont know what I would do without you Louis I really dont. You are more than just my boyfriend you are my soul mate. Louis Virot I love you always xxxxx

Cupid To: Carol
From Rob email
My message of lurve to you:
From the Frankenstein Place to La Tour Eiffel; another perfect year under your incredible spell. My partner, my lover, my friend and my life; my Rocky soul-mate says she will be my wife. You make me happy and horny and soppy and high; but I hope that the ring proves no joker am I. ALL MY LOVE AND LUST IS YOURS IN EVERY WAY, BABY. ALWAYS AND ALL WAYS. xxx

To: anthony mather
From justin hussey email
My message of lurve to you:
to my mavvacat so happy your mine!i wrote you a poem! if i was a cabbage and you tore me all apart..many men can touch my leaves but you can have my heart! all the love in my heart always..... your lustyjusty xxx

Cupid To: Sheila
From Helen Bennett email
My message of lurve to you:
To my beautiful Lioness,
My love for you can only grow stronger. I am always here, as are you in my heart and soul. XXXXXOOOOOO

To: Columbia
From: Cassie email
My message of lurve to you:
This is awesome. Yes?

Cupid To: Stephanie
From: TWW
My message of lurve to you:
Violets are Red
Roses are Blue
I may be colour-blind
But I really love you!

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