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Page updated Monday, February 14th, 2011
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(The brave ones put an email address for replies!
Don't forget to remove the anti-spam text though)

Cupid To: Leighton
From Jonathan email
My message of lurve to you:
I'll do the Time Warp with you anytime... Don't dream it, be it! xx

To: J
From Mystery
My message of lurve to you:
Don't dream it, be it!

Cupid To: Eliott
From Channy
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines Day Babba..
You do so much for me and I really appreciate every single thing and love every moment we spend together.

Love you always and forever xxxxx

To: Ruby Brimble
From Bernie email
My message of lurve to you:

I love you heaps! Happy Valentines!

lOVE Me xxxxxxxxxx

Cupid To: Rob Bagnall
From carol mulhern email
My message of lurve to you:
I would like, if I may, to remind you of a strange journey.
It seemed a fairly ordinary night when two *ahem* young, ordinary, healthy kids, returned to Oakley Court, after a walk to Bray.
It's true there were no dark storm clouds, towards which we were walking,
Its also true that you left your phone on, as you took my hand, and kissed me for the first time.
It was a night out we will remember... for a very long time.

For the memories i have, the love you show me, and the dreams we share,
I Love You xxx

To: Ruby Brimble
From Xavier Moss email
My message of lurve to you:
Hello ruby i love you lots and lots baby :D :D

Cupid To: Julie
From Loz
My message of lurve to you:
Love You Always my hot patutti

To: Carol
From Rob Bagnall email
My message of lurve to you:
It's Valentine's Day again, my sweet, precious, beautiful, wonderful, sexy kitten. I find myself thinking of Oakley Court in the moonlight and gazing into your adoring eyes on our special bench by the river (Dreaming it and Being it). I constantly bless the day you came into my life.
Thank you for another blissful year of kisses, cuddles and Rocky road trips.
My heart belongs to you and there is no-one else I would ever want to share it with.
All my love, lust and laughter is yours. Always and all ways.
Your ever-loving puppy. Rob. xxx

Cupid To: Sarah Collins
From scott email
My message of lurve to you:
I love you sarah will all my heart.You mean the world to me.You are like air to me because without you i will not be able to live.If i could re arrange the altherbet i would put U and I togeather for ever.Love you forever lots of love and hugs and kisses scott murdoch

To: Sarah
From Rachel email
My message of lurve to you:
Happy Valentines Day to My Bestest Mate in the Whole Wide World!! x x x

Cupid To: Stephanie
From TWW
My message of lurve to you:
How long has it been now?
Don't answer that, it's a personal question!
Love you all ways.
I mean Always.

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