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Page updated Friday, February 14th, 2014
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(The brave ones put an email address for replies!
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To: Clive Cheer
From Vicki Adams-Salmon email
My message of lurve to you:
Dear Clive....

Well what can I say that I haven't said every year on here for the past 10 years!

Happy Valentine's Day Darling

I love you just the same as Betty and Ralph (well... before it all went wrong and they ended up on telly!)


Cupid To: James
From Kev My message of lurve to you:
To James - Happy Birthday on Valentines Day my lovely man.

I Love you almost as much as the lovely, lovely owls. Ha ha xx

Kev xx

To: Rob Bagnall
From carol mulhern email
My message of lurve to you:
To my darling valentine.

Another Rocky tour has come and gone and we still danced strong.

Here's to more fun and frolics.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day puppy.

All my love Always and all ways xxx

Cupid To: Carol Mulhern
From Rob Bagnall email
My message of lurve to you:
Another year, another TimeWarp Valentine. In the real world, the term "rocky relationship" might be cause for concern. But not in our world. In our world a ROCKY relationship is what brought us together, and it continues to be a part of what makes us unique and utterly perfect together.

Don't dream it, be it, baby.

I treasure every single moment we share together, Kitten. You are my life, my world, my everything... and I love you more than any words could ever begin to say.

Always and all ways. Rob. xxx

To: Will
From James email
My message of lurve to you:
Thanks for wearing gold shorts for me and picnicking with me. Love you always

Cupid To: Rocky
From Mystery Valentine
My message of lurve to you:
Oh, Oh, Oh, Rocky!

To: PomPom
From Macy
My message of lurve to you:
Happy valentines gorgeous, our second one together. I love you so much beautiful and cannot wait for us to be together properly and get married and have children we have so much to look forward too.

I love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cupid To: Aileen howe
From Chrys Howe email
My message of lurve to you:
Happy valentines to my favourite wifey! Let there be lips!

To: Steph
From TWW
My message of lurve to you:
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Rocky's are Gold
Mine are velcro!

Cupid To: Magenta
From Riff Raff My message of lurve to you:
Let's do the time warp again and again this valentines daze

To: Chrissy
From McGreggers email
My message of lurve to you:
Soon be our10th Valentine's day :)

All my love to the sexiest Columbia ever

From your very own Sweet Transvestite xxxxxxxxxx

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