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Page updated Saturday, February 14th, 2015
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(The brave ones put an email address for replies!
Don't forget to remove the anti-spam text though)

To: James
From Kev My message of lurve to you:
To my James Face! Love you!

Here's to a new chapter in our lives - exciting times ahead.

Your Kev xxx

P.S. The lovely lovely Owls and Sweep are excited to!!!

Cupid To: Steph
From TWW My message of lurve to you:
Well as we got the same card for each other this year, at least you can't duplicate this message. Love you lits.

To: Jason
From Angela My message of lurve to you:
Happy valentines day

To the one who makes me ... Shiver.. With....AN......TI.....CI....PATION...

Love you xxxxxxxxxx

Cupid To: Frank R
From Janet P My message of lurve to you:
As long as you promise not to tell Brad.

To: Mystery Valentine
From Davina/Dave My message of lurve to you:
Your Brad loves his Janet. You know who you are XXX

Cupid To: Mary Mary
From Big Bob My message of lurve to you:
Can't wait for the next tour to see you again. Luuuurvvvvve youuuuuu.

To: Nicky
From Chloe Paylor email
My message of lurve to you:
You're a faggot

(TWW: Hopefully said with love, so that's why I included this one!)

Cupid To: Ricky
From Rocky My message of lurve to you:
Our names were always close to one another but not as close as I am to you love u 4 ever

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