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Date: Monday, September 25th, 2000
From: Kathryn
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Message: if there are any attractive Frank's out there then please e-mail me



Date: Sunday, September 24th, 2000
From: Emma
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: ColumbiaNo2

Message: Hello fellow Rocky Fans!!
Did anyone go to the very last show at Plymouth and possibly
the earlier one too? Drop me a line if you did!
I'm getting serious withdrawal symptoms from lack of Alex Bourne
and Tim Harwood! How can my life go on??!! :-(
Look forward to hearing from y'all! ;-)
Luv 'n' fishnets
:-p Emma :-p


Alex Bourne and Tim Harwood!!

Date: Saturday, September 23rd, 2000
From: Cat
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Message: I luuuuurve all things Rocky Horror!:-)



Date: Saturday, September 23rd, 2000
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Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2000
From: Louise Venning
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Message: Rocky is the most outrageous, wacky and
just down right weird film i have ever seen!
I loved every minute of it!
;-) Later people!

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

To wear fishnets

Date: Tuesday, September 19th, 2000
From: Ellie
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Dylano

Message: Oooooooooooh! Everyone has to go see Grease now!!
The fantastic Rachel Hale is playing Rizzo and she is REALLy good.
And I mean really good. Hearing 'There are worst things I could do' brought
a tear to my eye. The rest of the show is fab too (One of the dancers looks a
bit like Marge...) but Danny and Kenikie need to swap roles... Or just get rid
of Stephen Houghton together ('You're not Elvis!'). Vince Fontaine is fab too.
Eeeeeeeeeeer, that was about it really. Apart from GO SEE GREASE!! :-)


Rachel Hale! She's so good!

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2000
From: Becki Norton
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Message: hi rocky fans!
rocky horror has made me see the light
now i know how to dress on halloween night
to dress as columbia or magenta is divine
but when i see the film again, the pleasure's all mine!



Date: Sunday, September 17th, 2000
From: Claire Whelan

Message: Can anyone help me please??
Does anyone know how i can get hold of a copy of SHOCK TREATMENT?
I've been to HMV and they told me it is deleted therefore cannot order one.
I am in desperate need to see it again and will gladly pay anyone to buy a copy.
Thank you.

Magenta and in the same place as Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor

Date: Thursday, September 14th, 2000
From: glen jordan
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Message: i just wanna say that rocky horror is
one of the funniest films i have ever seen.

Riff Raff

The Phantoms

Date: Thursday, September 14th, 2000
From: Gina Jones
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Message: I love Rocky Horror. Tim Curry is God!!!!
It's been my favorite movie since I was 4 and it still is.:P ;-)



Date: Thursday, September 14th, 2000
From: Bruise Violet
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Message: Hi, just wondered if anyone else has the sheet music to RHPC,
I was given it as a prezzie and was curious to knpw if anyone has the same
book. 'twas printed in 1991, called "vocal selections" by Wise Publications. :-p



Date: Wednesday, September 13th, 2000
From: Hannah
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Creeture
Coffee? Java Chat Name: creeture

Message: A quick mail to say hi to you all.
This Rokcy fan is nearly at the end of her horrible waitressing job...fishnets not allowed!:(
And will be restarting her normal fishnet wearing life once more soon. :)
Wanna get in a quick publicity call for all you fans to come an see the
"trash-glam scuzz" musical Headwig and the Angry Inch.
Not as good as Rocky but certainly a good night out and worth a visit.
Love and fishies to you all

TW: See the Notice Board for more details on the show

at Rocky...anywhere!


Date: Tuesday, September 12th, 2000
From: liz yeates
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: rockymaniac

Message: hello all u sweet transvestites!
i am in tampa, florida till december doing a drama degree exchange,
and i am desperately mising rocky chat as no one really has heard
about it here (plus they are all younger - i am 20) so if anyone
wishes to write, i would love it!
thanks guys!
lots of love and lipstick


Audience Participation

Date: Tuesday, September 12th, 2000
From: luke frogeater
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Message: I only recently saw the film on bbc2 and it is my best film ever.
I went straight out and bought the 25th anniversery soundtrack wich i listen to
constantly. I know for sure this film will live on forever as i am 14 and many
of my friends at the same age love it too. I hope to see the play one day. ;-p

The Narrator


Date: Tuesday, September 12th, 2000
From: Stevan Hergraves
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Rubibosh
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Rubibosh

Message: stuck in frankfurt need to have some rocky mates
to break me out of the freazzzzzer so i can HOT PATOOTSIE BLESS
MY SOUL you get the idea some one who loves rock n roll fishnets
and of course shocktreatment so while i bite my nails waiting alls i
can say is see you round like a record in high heels and hope that
little black dress fits


To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, September 10th, 2000
From: katie
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: glitter_kt

Message: hi i havnt written for a while so i thought i should make
an appearance. i have recently become addicted to the chat rm especially
about 8:00 at night when there are actually people in there!! :) anyway i am
really upset that rocky is now over but v pleased to see it on tv a couple of
weeks ago! i am also relieving my boredom by going to rhps on nov 3rd!
with a group of friends so if ne one is there also come over and say hello!
i will be the magenta with about 15 or more others!! till next time.................

Date: Sunday, September 10, 2000th, 2000
From: Arthur Chappell
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: arthurchappell
Coffee? Java Chat Name: arthurchappell

Message: Seen the RHS a few times now and the film legion times - met Richard
O Brien when he appeared at FAB Cafe inManchester last year - and
will almost certainly be there when he come back for the Satan's Hollw
stuff in the next few weeks in Manchester - buying stuff to ewear for
the show was quite an experince - some girls who were inthe shop were
full of praise for me buying my own - their respective boyfriends had sent
therm out to buy the stuff for them - great show - saw a poster for the
Sing A Lonmg a sound of music show which tyhey are plugging as
being like the RHS - who are they trying to kid?



Date: Sunday, September 10th, 2000th, 2000
From: YorkSound Internet Radio
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Message: October 18th will see YorkSound Internet Radio's tribute to
The Rocky Horror Show broadcast on the internet, and we want Rocky
fans old and new, virgin or popped to send us your memories . . . we
all have special memories or Rocky, so let the worls hear yours.
Send to rocky@yorksound.co.uk then listen to the broadcast at
www.yorksound.co.uk on 18th october . . . See ya there!

the saddle on Britneys Spears bike

my wife

Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2000
From: roy
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Message: hello just to say i cant wait for the next drooling in
.......................................................pation any you goes how to rock
see you all later


Audience Participation

Date: Friday, September 8th, 2000
From: Clare

Message: Hi everybody! I noticed people in this guest book
complaining about the show being over. I'd just like to say count your
flicking blessings! :-( Us Belfastians (what?) didn't even get the chance
to see it as it didn't come over here!! That also doubles as a complaint
to Chris Malcom. Does anybody know why it didn't come to N. Ireland?
Did we offend it? Also thank you to Timewarp for displaying my message.
You're all super Noodles!! Isn't this the coolest website?! WELL DONE!!
Hi to my asshole uncle Colin who broke his foot on the first day of his holiday
in Ibiza! (It's more of a 'hell slap it up ya' than a 'Hi' really!) He's a sadimistic
bastool anyway! Luv ya all!

TW: Some of the swearing has been changed to protect the guilty.

at T'99 (that's a hint for a T'2001 maybe)?


Date: Thursday, September 7th, 2000
From: Kev

Message: Just a thought Rocky people,
this week I found another copy of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW BOOK
by James Harding, which deals with most thing Rocky from 1973 to 1987.
Its well out of print and a few of the facts and stuff need updatign but
seeing as alot of the newer fans wont have seen the book, (And it has
some pretty cool b/w and colour pic of past Stage show cast) why dont
we all get onto the printers and try for a mas letter writing session.
It would be good to see it back in Print for the fans, and besides I'm fed
up of paying over 25 for another copy, (The last two copies cost me 25 and 28!!)

Date: Wednesday, September 6th, 2000
From: Katy
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Kat-fink
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Kat-fink

Message: Ok, this is just a general appology to all those who have had the misfortune
to be in the chatroom at the same time as me over the last couple of weeks.
I am very sorry for:

  1. Being boring
  2. Being drunk
  3. Being grumpy
  4. Being far too obsessed with Christian Bale
  5. Being a bit quiet, not good for a chatroom
  6. Continually bringing back the Velvet
    Goldmine/Labyrinth convasations.
  7. Going on about my leg.
  8. Going on about obscure Disney musicals (btw, has
    anyone got a copy of Newsies?? Mail me...)
  9. Not letting Franky-Baby talk about Andrew
    Lloyd Webber while I'm in the room.
Umm..I think that's it, but if I've left anything out,
let me know and I'll appologise immediatly!
Thanks for bothering to listen to my ranting, again.
Katy xxx

Date: Wednesday, September 6th, 2000
From: Mel

Message: I really injoyed watching the Rocky Horror show on TV
but I would love to see the show at the theatre but lets face it no
Frank-furter can live up to Tim Currys standards! Do you agree?

Anywhere Tim Curry is!

Doing the time warp again

Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2000
From: *Tasha*
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: star_wow

Message: HELP!!
:-( *Tasha*:-(



Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2000
From: beachvolley
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Message: Hi all.
im searching for all things i have to scream like "say it" please
can you give me the words and points when i have to cream?
would be great

At the Show


Date: Monday, September 4th, 2000
From: Georgina
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Message: Regarding Claire's message, was Richard's new show as
in Alive On Arrival or whatever it's called?? Is it touring?? Need more info!!
Does anybody new abaout a new book which is going to be released,
RHPS book 2001?? When's it out & what's in it?

At home with a nice book???? and this mysterious RHS one

Rocky 2000

Date: Monday, September 4th, 2000
From: Rob Bagnall
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Message: Hi to all those Faithful Handymen (and women) out there,
who are all suffering terrible withdrawal from the lack of ROCKY HORROR.
Roll on the new UK tour. Hats off to BBC 2 for actually showing
and for giving it a nice little slot in the documentary. It was nice to
hear Chris Biggins, Stacey Haynes, and even Kim Newman praising it.
The beeb have almost redeemed themselves for not even mentioning
ROCKY HORROR on the 1973 programme (the year the stage show
actually opened, taking London by storm), which I felt was an
unforgivable oversight.
Also, a quick 'hello' to my friend Kelvin (the most convincing Riff Raff
I know), who actually got hold of my e-mail address via the TimeWarp site.
Hi, Kelv. Stay Sane Inside Insanity. See you soon, and keep rocking.

In New York for the opening of the Broadway production.

To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, September 3rd, 2000
From: liz yeates
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Message: hi, im is florida at the moment at the university of
south florida studying drama, and i am missing rocky! however, i have
just bought 3 rocky horror figures -frank, columbia, and riff - raff for $40!
what a bargin!!! anyway, i am still missing rocky chat so if anyone
wants to email me then please do!!!
lots of lipstick

Date: Sunday, September 3rd, 2000
From: Lucy Atkinson
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Message: Hi there - fantastic website!!
I just got the top score on the RHPS trivia quiz but I'm having trouble
with the Riff Raff game in the castle gardens - can anyone help!:-p

Columbia on the back of Eddie's bike!!


Date: Saturday, September 2nd, 2000
From: *Tasha*
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Star_wow

Message: HI U ROCKY FANS!!!!
Just love to say that this morning i was in town buying bits and bobs!AND..i
stopped in ourprice to check out if they had ne Rocky c-ds that i might b missing.
I was just going through the Rack and i saw ' The Rocky Horror Picture Show,
10th Edition' album it is in a box with a fishnet print on the outside.I saw it and
just knew it was waiting 4 me!So i had to buy it a lovely price of 13.99. When
i opened it it has a free pster in it of 'The Lips' and says "A DIffERENT SET
OF JAWS!!" i am just made up! :-p
Lots a Rocky Love!
:-) *Tasha* :-)
P.S.Does ne1 know if london undergrounds run all the way through
the nightand early hours of the morning???PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

At the show in my new MAGENTA costume, drooling over Frank!

The most gorgeous **Frank'n'Furter**

Date: Saturday, September 2nd, 2000
From: spooky
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Message: lovely party

on the moon drenched shores of transexsual transylvania

Date: Friday, September 1st, 2000
From: Kat
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Kat4711
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Kat4711

Message: Yay cool Jo wasn't dubbed!!
Wow she is such a fab singer and dancer!!
Thanks for telling me Nat and Cath, I did find out in the last week or so that she
wasn't dubbed and would have left a message saying 'D'oh, silly me':-)
but I was off in Paris. I didn't see the frog about anywhere though Hannah!!!
Only got back a day ago so Zzzzzzz.

TW: A Kat message that fits in the main Guest Book!!!!!!


my bed!!!

Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2000
From: Not telling
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Message: :-p I Love Rocky Horror!
And lets face it girls, Frank is sexy in his own little way! ;-)

in Frank's place

Frank! Forever!

Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2000
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Audience Participation

Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2000

Message: HI. It's Clare from Belfast here!
Did anyone catch Richard O'Brien's new show in Battersea?
I couldn't get to it and i'm sooo pissed off!! It was supposed to be opera
or something- sounds hot! I'm sure he was exelent anyway!! I don't actually
have an email address as this is not my computer, but u can send me text if the
lovely people at timewarp will give out my mobile number which is 07714949193.
I promise i exist. all the best!
p.s Thank you soooooooo much to Davy Orr who is the best guy in the world
for all his help with T99!! I know it's a bit late in the day but better late than never!

richard o'briens flannel (well nearly)

Richard O'Brien and Davy Orr

Date: Sunday, August 27th, 2000
From: Holly Sismore
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Message: Hey! I watched Rocky for the 1st time last night,
I LOVED IT!! hope i'll be seeing one of the shows on the next tour! :)



Date: Tuesday, August 22nd, 2000
From: hannah
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Creeture
Coffee? Java Chat Name: creeture

Message: A quick post to say hi to you all...and thanks for putting up with my
moans about my web site that took forever to get up and running. Thankfully the 'puter
is still on the table and not on the street below my room. Its now workign so pop in
and have a looky.
So summers here and rocky aint...so bit of a boring summer!
Took the frog to Paris with me....not sure the French really got it...and i only realised
on the second day there that a frog on my back in France may be thought as a bit
of an insult...definately not intended.
Hi to you bunnies out there...and of course Binks if your there.....I love you!!!
And i keep dreaming of stripy sofas! ;-)
I'm suffering from not only rwithdrawal symptoms from the show but also from the
music as my show cd has been lent to my skating coach to listen to ...and i havent
seen him for weeks now.....aghhhhhhhh i need the music!
Trying to convince my friends with whom i'm planning our 21st birthday celebrations
for the Easter...to have a Rocky theme...you never know!
Anyway......better stop nattering or it'll get sniped! Please nooooo....i never write much..honest!
Love to you all! take care,

At the Show

The Phantoms

Date: Tuesday, August 22nd, 2000
From: cara

Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name:
Coffee? Java Chat Name:

Message: help:-(
its been more than a week since i last saw rocky im having withdrawal symptoms
i need rescuing, show me the light over at the frankenstein place
oh well sweet dreams :-)!

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show and thrilled, chilled, fulfilled

To wear fishnets and frankie and magenta of course

Date: Monday, August 21st, 2000
From: faisal
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Message: :-)


Date: Monday, August 21st, 2000
From: Alison Newton
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: razzy4711

Message: I hate to ask as I know you are very busy people but what
has happen to the Trans'99 photo's I was looking forward to them and nothing
seem to have happen :-(

TW: My fault, please accept one of the following excuses:
a: I haven't had time
b: I've been too lazy on my holiday
c: Dana needs watching a lot more as he gets older!
All of the above are true, and I will get round to sorting
some more images for the site as soon as I get the time.
Sorry to everyone that is waiting for the images, I might
add some even if the text is missing for now.

Date: Sunday, August 20th, 2000
From: gerald of sengir
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Message: i was wondering if anyone can forward a message to richard o'brien for me?

TW: Richard doesn't have email to forward messages to, but here at
TimeWarp we do tend to forward all postal mail to him.


To wear fishnets

Date: Sunday, August 20th, 2000
From: Nat Ball and Cath Buckland
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: LustAngel/sequinsandsparkles
Coffee? Java Chat Name: LustAngel/sequinsandsparkles

Message: Hello there :-)
Just a quick note (in reply to Kat's mail) to say that the lovely Jo was NOT
dubbed in Cats. It was claimed she was, but she and Drew Varley (Mungojerrie)
used there own voices. It was reported they were going to take their case to Equity.
No offence to Kat, we just wanted ppl to know :-)

Magenta (Nat) and Columbia (Cath)


Date: Saturday, August 20th, 2000
From: Kat

Click here to read Kat's Message

Date: Saturday, August 19th, 2000
From: Jemmima
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Message: What in a wold could be the BEST than THE ROCKY
HORROR PICYURE SHOW??? I felt a bit alone, but now I know
there`s A loy of people just like me!
And by the way,GOD BLESS (not Lily Sincere,but)
Richard O`Brien!!!!!
Love `ya all! ;-)
Writ to me, if you want to

At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

dr Frank N Furter

Date: Friday, August 18th, 2000
From: caroline carter
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name:
Coffee? Java Chat Name:

Message: missing you loads cant wait to timewarp again



Date: Thursday, August 17th, 2000
From: *Tasha*
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Star_wow

Message: Sorry i couldn't resist the icons below!!!!!;-)

At home with a nice book???? WHO WOULDN'T??!!

Frank coz he makes me shiver with ANTICI.....................PATION!

Date: Thursday, August 17th, 2000
From: *Tasha*
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Star_wow

Message: :-( HHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!! what 2 do about Rocky??
I miss it and i wanna be at a show in my new Suspender belt and fishnets!
Does ne1 know where the film is playing newhere at a cinema?could they
e-mail me please! ;-)
Also i need some imfo of where i could buy a Magenta outfit from?
Does ne1 have ne ideas??

With Frank( Alex or Tim ) in a bed, smothered in treacle!

Rocky 2000

Date: Wednesday, August 16th, 2000
From: Kate Ward
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name: Kat-fink
Coffee? Java Chat Name: Kat-fink

Message: ARGH! I'm not allowed to move!!
I sprained a tendon in my knee on Saturday and now I can hardly walk :-(
And what's worse is that I am meant to be helping out at a Bond party on Friday...as
Honey Rider (Ursulla Undressed!)...in a sexy white bikini...and tubi-grip from my ankle
to the top of my thigh...Can't really picture it...CRAP!
Anyways, got to go...plenty of hobbling around to do...
Katy xxx
PS - Any expressions of sympathy would be more than welcome! :-p

TW: Legless again!!!
If anyone would like to help Kate with her crutch(s),
please contact her direct! :-p

Able to move at more that 0.5mph

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2000
From: andy
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Message: welcome from all of us here at darlington ...we are mad we are
totaly crazy rocky fans here ...spent last night remininiscing the last vist of the
show...great photos of a great night also \\\i've introduced an army unit to rocky...!!!
well it made a change from combats...!
Sadly one of our charming underwear gang is very ill :-(and
but there is a plot afoot for an event at the hospital....sssshhh ;-)
watch this space.

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2000
From: Ali
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Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Name:
Coffee? Java Chat Name:

Message: Just a message about the film "Sorted" with Tim C. and Jason D.
The making of it is on Channel 4 programme called Movie Virgins on Sunday evening.
This is an on going thing and the first two episodes have been on (no Tim or Jason
as yet). I just thought I let people know just case you did know

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